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Bridge piercing...it's all good

I'm writing this about two weeks after having my bridge pierced. This was my second piercing...the first being my eyebrow. I actually became fascinated with a bridge piercing when I had gotten my brow done. I had seen it in the studio's photograph portfolio and then looked at some more pics on this site. I knew it was going to be my next one. I was really pumped up and nervous as I drove to the piercing studio. I was a bit worried about bruising and swelling and was hoping that this one would go as smoothly as my brow. I really didn't want to have a big purple lump between my eyes that leaked lymph fluid. I arrived there and we talked about what to expect and to my surprise Jay told me that it would probably hurt less than my brow but that most people get a headache afterwards. I had taken some tylenol prior to going there in anticipation of the swelling afterwards. Jay cleaned the area and marked it. note I want to say how impressed I am with the cleanliness and attention to detail at Experience the Beauty. I would never go anywhere else. I checked in the mirror and thought that one of the markings could be a bit lower...so Jay re-marked and we all checked it again and it looked good to go. He then measured the width of the dots so that he would know what length of barbel to use. I laid down and he clamped it...which doesn't hurt...there was just some slight pressure. I felt the prick of the needle and it slowly moving through my skin and then finally out the other side. I have no idea why I was so nervous...it didn't hurt at all and my eyes didn't even water. I did get the "rush". Too bad it is so short lived! I don't know if it bled...I didn't see any out of the ordinary amounts anywhere on the paper towels. Jay got me a mirror and I have to say it looked great! He seemed pretty happy with it, which made me feel even better. He put in a 16g 1/2" surgical steel barbel. We talked about body jewelry for a while as he took out the captive bead ring in my eyebrow and inserted a plastic retainer (I didn't want a big "freak out" when I showed up at work). I didn't even know that he had removed the ring until I saw it in his hand. This piercer has a light touch! I felt totally fine right after and later in the evening I did have a headache. I went to work that night (12 hour nightshift) and for the most part I forgot that I had the piercing except when other people would point it out.

Over the next few days it continued to look great with little swelling, and the pain was very localized. The pain that I did have was just some tenderness. I cleaned it with Bactine and warm water. I found that laying in the tub with a wet cloth over my face helped loosen up the small amount of crusties around the piercing. I never had very much lymph fluid leakage with this piercing, and very slight dried matter accumulation. The next week I got a bad cold and my bridge got a bit red around the holes. I wasn't sure how much of it was the normal healing process and how much of it was the cold. At one point I did want to rip it out as it got a bit dry and itchy. But once my cold subsided it seemed like the redness went away and my bridge piercing is looking pretty sweet these days. I have to say that this piercing has gone extremely smooth so far. I clean it often and always take my bottle of Bactine to work with me. I keep my hands off of it as I want it to heal properly. I have had one person want to touch it...they wanted to feel the bar that went through the skin. I am very happy with it. For some reason I find it erotic. I have no idea why. It gets a lot of attention...good and bad. I think it compliments my brow piercing when I wear a barbell. Most people think it's too weird. Screw their closemindedness. But I have had a lot of positive comments from "normal" people which is always nice. Bottom line is, you have to do what is right for you. And this piercing is right out there for people to see so you'll have to be prepared for what comes with it. I've seen a lot of bad piercings and/or shitty jewelry that doesn't fit properly in Winnipeg. I suggest that people put some effort into researching their piercings and get them done professionally, preferably at Experience the Beauty. If you want pics you can email me. leather-nun@home.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 April 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Jay
Studio: Experience+the+Beauty
Location: Winnipeg%2C+Manitoba

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