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I love my hand-web piercing

I realy wanted to pierce the web between my thumb and index finger. I don't know why but I've just always thought it would look cool. But my parent's hate piercngs so I'm having to keep it covered around them ( I found out that a band-aid works nicely, for a while anyway) I've pierced myself before and and so have my friends (we usualy don't have any problems), so yesterday I decided to pierce my hand web. First we checked, to make sure we wouldn't be hitting any veins. There wasn't any blood so I guess we did pretty good. My friend did it because I couldn't find my piercing pistol. She used a sharp earing that I'll have to replace with a barbell eventualy. I couldn't do it to myself. I'm a big chicken! I do not like pain, and I've chickened out of piercing my hand web before, many times. She pierced it while my other friend held on to my wrists so I wouldn't jerk around and make her mess up. I've been known to hit my friends upside the head when they try to pierce me. but they usualy hit me back. It didn't hurt all that much when she did it. Make sure to have music on because you can HEAR the ring go through your skin. It sounds like someone stepping on a potatoe chip bag. yuch yuch yuch! It made me cringe. I was so scared before she did it. My hand was shaking and I was making myself sick. But it didn't hurt. I was so happy. Everytime I get a piercing (believe it or not I only have 3!), I get this really big high because it was just so worth it. The pain is temporary and I love seeing that little ball sitting on my hand. I'm still in heaven going " I got my my ring! I got my ring! I got my ring!' But it really freaked out my friends because that's the weirdest piercings they ever did. The piercing job went real smooth except for one thing. As my friend was piercing my web it got stuck halfway through because my friend chickened out for a minute. I was going 'get it through! ge it through! ow ow ow ow!' wich only freaked her out more. I'm sorry but I'm a drama queen. ;) And now the hole isn't exactly straight, the bottom ball will be closer to the edge than the top ball will. But the bottem ball will show up better on my hand that way. It hurts a little but it's healing super fast. If you want my advice (wich you realllllly shouldn't listen to by the way) is just you better do it fast! do not try to do it slow you'll chicken out. And make sure everything is clean. I used a candle flame and peroxide, plus everyone who touched it washed their hands. Most piercings are pretty safe if you do that. P.S if anyone has any aftercare tips for handwebs can you please e-mail me? I went to a store next and got a small barbell to replace the earing with eventually. I was looking through the rings and couldn't find one I wanted. When I asked her she showed me the ones she pierced people with and sold me that one. It's white gold because I'll have problems with some things. But stainless steel works fine on me too. Now I went to look at my barbell when I got home and to my suprise I relized there was a piercing pistol. You know the disposable type? I should have noticed earlier but it was 5:55 and the mall was closing. Now at this store you have to be 16 or have a parent give permission to have a piercing done by them. But you can buy a $9 barbell and they give you a piercing pistol? This has to be against policy, or the worker was being nice to me. I figured they might get slapped with a lawsuit one day over it, Can't you just see your child coming home with 20 piercings? I think I'll save the pistol for another time I feel like piercing something.

okay a few questions? I know what I did isn't exactly brilliant but it should be safe right? It's normal for it to be hurting when you move your thumb, but sometimes it feels like it's pinching me, even though I left a lot of space in the back. It also causes a weird throbbing right below my index and middle finger that scares me a little. Can anyone tell me what *normal pain is for this piercing? and what type of pain should I be on the lookout for as a problem? How do I stop the piercing from 'migrating'? When can I replace the ring with a barbell? From what I've heard it's even more dangrous if you take out the piercing all together before it's healed. Is that true? wow that was alot of questions!! :) toodles guys, (and look for the picture soon!) Sarah


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 April 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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