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My retired bridge...*sniffle sniffle*

I must really be a wuss. At this point, I had quite the extensive history with body piercings. Yet, my biggest fear was of a surface piercing...wha, wha, what? Yeah, I know. It's quite sad, really. It was September. All of my hair had just fallen out (go-go gadget chemical relaxers! yay!). My girlfriend at the time was ignoring me and lusting after our roommate. Life basically sucked at this point. I already had a monroe (on the left side), a lip ring (on the right), and an infected eyebrow...thanks to the piercing skills of the oh-so loyal girlfriend mentioned above. I didn't look like me. It was all too much, I guess. I mean, I have a small head! It's true. I've finally come to terms with it...anyways...back to my story... I had just cashed my last paycheck from my shitty dishwashing job, and decided "fuck it. I'm gonna get this done. Once and for all." I'll admit, I have a thing for pierced bridges. There's something about them that is just so damn attractive. So, I wanted that for myself. I walked into Spider Bite, second home of a piercing parlor. I know all the boys there. They're great. I decided to have Jonah pierce me, as i knew he had done it the longest, and is hard-handed, but faster than Zorro when it comes to jabbing people with sharp things. Now, this is one cool assed guy. I went bowling with him once. He blew me outta the water. He's a big dude, and looks a lot older than he is. Most people think he's all big and intimidating, but he's definitely a sweetheart deep down, once you look past the hair-spiked-into-horns, and all the massive amounts of metal in his body. Wicked good dude. So, I walked in, he made fun of my hair. We went outside and smoked a butt while the jewelry was being prepared. His now ex-girlfriend was outside, which was really cool, since she was my old boss, and a fuckin' awesome chick. It felt good to see another familiar face. I was still nervous as hell. Why, I still don't know. We walked back into the shop, and at this point, I'm shaking like a crackbaby. He sits me down. And I start to bitch... "I...I don't know if I can go through with this..." God, if I weren't me, I would have slapped me sooooo hard. I think it was just the idea of having a needle so close to my eyes that freaked me out, I guess. I mean, I'm too iffy about getting contacts. I'm a dork.

"Well...can ya handle THIS!" I hear, in the big, bad, stop being a fuckin' wuss, Jonah voice...all while he has the clamp on my bridge, really tightly. And moving it around, practically dragging my face around his piercing office. In a nasally little voice, I reply "Uh...OKAY! OKAY! G'ah! Just quit it, will ya?!?!". Then i see him smile. And before I knew it, the needle was through. Such a sadistic little bastid. It felt quite good, I hafta say. I was expecting so much worse. Like going blind, or something... Feeling a little woozy from the adrenaline rush, my roommates and I made it over to a 7-11, where I made the awesome purchase of a stuffed rhino...heh heh. He has springs for a body. It's the most retarded looking thing. I named him Earl, and declared that I needed to buy something stupid to make myself feel better. That, and he's wicked cuddly, so shut up!

Afterward, we decided that I needed to eat something before I passed out on the ground somewhere. So, we went to a family-oriented Chinese restaurant in town. THIS was fun, let me tell you. Here, you've got three goth kids, one being all big and muscle-bound in a leather duster; one chick clad in a motorcycle jacket, looking like some sort of goth-skinhead...and then there was me: looking like Johnny the Homicidal Maniac (yes, I had the hair AND the boots...AND the funny looking cut-off pants), clad in PVC trenchcoat, and clutching a stuffed rhino. All with copious amounts of blood running down my face. Now, mind you, I'm pale as it is. Add make-up, and just getting over being scared shitless, and you've got one scary lookin' chick. The blood did look so nice, though. Quite the contrast to my white skin. I scared a lot of kids that night. The healing process wasn't so bad, except for all the times I forgot I had it done, and I would aggressively scratch at my face. Damn. That hurt. And the make-up burned. And the fibers from the Q-tips always got stuck in the dried blood. But the headaches. Ooh, the headaches were the best part. Since the bridge is more so a pressure point, everytime I got a headache for the first two weeks after getting it pierced, it would start bleeding. And bleeding. And bleeding. And wouldn't stop until my headache went away, or I applied pressure to some other part of my face. That was one hell of a party trick. My idea ultimately was to throw a spiked c-bar in there when it healed. This, I never got to do. Everything I found was too small. Then I got the bright idea...to try a squared off c-bar! Oh my GOD! Could I have been more retarded? I think not. I buy it at the local cart on my break from work. Thirty bucks. Aaron, you're a schmuck for selling that to me. Anyways. I showed it off, while everyone asked me, "Uh, how do you think you're gonna get that in?" I thought I would just finagle it a bit. It would go in eventually. And it did. It hurt like a bitch, and it looked terrible. The sides were far too long. It was ridiculous. When the time came to put my old bar back in, the tissue was so swollen, and so irritated, that I could feel all the threads ripping through my skin on the way in. Very painful. Maybe I'll get it re-done. I liked it a lot. I just didn't have decent jewelry for it. And it grew crooked after the c-bar incident. Go me. Yeah for bad judgment! Ah well, I learned.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 March 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Jonah
Studio: The+Spider+Bite
Location: Manchester%2C+NH

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