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My first major mod, and a hell of an adventure.

My tale starts on December 1st 1999, Shane and I had been planning for months or what seemed like years, sending flyers, booking DJ's, looking at venues, fighting with everyone from local concerned parents, to city officials, to the police who acutely revoked our permit on the building where it was to be held. Now finally, the big day, we where throwing our first rave. Both being experienced partiers we knew this was a large task it seemed impossible at first. With steady and helpful connections, we got some of the biggest names in the states as well as in Canada. We each put in about three grand and also got loans from some friends. The course of that first day consisted with driving more than 6 hours making long trips picking up, and delivering sound equipment, then we had to do the same for the lights, then uh-oh we need scaffolding, etc., etc. We stayed up the whole night trying to set everything up in time, with little help from friends who were too drunk to be of any use, blowing fuses etc. in the poorly powered building that we chose for its obvious space and cool atmosphere. Finding an electrician at 4:30 in the morning was quite a task, but we did, and he brought the police. Arguments ensued. Lawyers were called, but it only escalated from there, time was running out, Dan we still needed to do the rest of set up and to decoration. The next day was setting up and fine tuning for what seemed like hours and hours, as the DJ's arrived our pagers rang and we picked them up from the airports and bus depots, they were tired, rowdy, and they all wanted drugs and food, for us that had been up all night, we were in no mood for food or antics, we required strong drink to maintain. The people started pouring in about 10 p.m., more than we expected, alot earlier than expected, the party was rocking, rocking early, our head-liner wasn't even there yet. Worry consumed me and my partner in crime. A call, from our missing star? Alas, the police again, we sick the lawyers on them, Shanes mommy in particular, she was a God send. The harassment doesn't quit. A Narc is found in the crowd, "should we kick him out" " he makes everyone edgy" what to do what to do. We decide, talk to this man, "what say you narc, please leave" he did without hassle. A sigh of relief. Our missing star calls, plane delayed, he was here at last. I am sent to pick him up, easy task, find him quickly, all on time. Cherries. The cops, pigs, five-O, donut pushers, we were in deep shit. On my person I had 4 pills of ecstasy, 5 hits of Gerry Garcia LSD and a little speed, that was not to mention the drugs already coursing through my veins OR what my DJ counter-part had on his person or in his bags. He came to the window, "shit" it was the guy who we sent the lawyers after, he knew me, he knew I was all his. He also knew it would do no good, we had already won, I had made sure of that. He sent us on our way. Lasting until about noon the next day the party was a stressful success, everyone cleared out to go to the after-party, thanking me and Shane for their night of enlightenment. We started driving back and forth to the sound rental agency, the effects studio, and the airport and Bus Depots. Three days with about two hours of sleep, it now being the afternoon of the third of December. With every trip to Star Sound and Party Efex, we passed a new tattoo studio, they did piercing as well, I was quick to notice. Inspiration, I would do something, something I have been thinking about for quite some time, never being able to justify the need. On our final trip back to the venue we pulled over. I went inside, the lady behind the counter was very pretty and extremely helpful, they could pencil me in if I could go in right away, I said that was all right. As I sat in the waiting room I fell asleep not once, but twice in my 15 minute wait, the girl at the counter asked me if I was in proper health to be doing this sort of thing. I told her the story, apparently she had been at the party the night before and had one hell of a night, she gave me her employees discount and her phone number, thanking me profusely for throwing a much needed stress reliever such as that. I thanked her with a smile, as I slipped her number into my pocket, and myself into the procedural room. I got my bridge done. I love it and even if I take it out one day, the scar will remind me of adventure me and Shane endured, dealing with police, angry parents, city officials, ravers over-dosing, paramedics, and all those heart-less bastards of fate. It was all worth it, and Iwill do it again and again. I love life. Adam.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 March 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Chuck+was+his+name
Studio: Divine
Location: Saskatoon%2C+Sask

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