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My bittersweet pierce...

I unfortunately have the quaint little personality trait of being incessantly

bored. I continuously feel the need to change the way I look, God knows how many times I have dyed and cut my hair in the past year, at least a hundred. My problem was fortunately solved when I discovered BME and body piercings (I change my mind too often to consider a tattoo at the precise moment). To the point...I have been given so much wonderful piercing knowledge at BME that I felt I should try to return something to this wonderful site. I had gotten my tongue and right nipple pierced within the last six months, however, I was feeling again the need for more pain...how I love it and everything else that goes along with the piercing experience. I had thought about getting a navel piercing but then decided I wanted something a little more unique. So to BME I went, looking under navel piercings I found horizontal navel piercings. Right then I knew exactly what I wanted. So that afternoon I called my favorite piercer/tattoo artist to see if he would do the pierce for me. Surprisingly, he had never done this type of piercing before, so I had to explain it to him, and he said he could do the pierce.

I went in the next  day for my pierce. And like ALWAYS, before the

pierce was the worst...definitely worse than the actually pierce itself. I arrived at the piercer with my friend, picked out the longest curved barbell I saw, and went back for my pierce. I am sure all educated people know that this was most likely a fatal mistake to my piercing...more on that later. I laid down on the typical piercing reclining chair and had him mark the enter and exit spots. After a few mirror checks to make sure they were straight and how I wanted them, it was time for the pierce. I was very curious as to how this was going to come out considering I had never seen it on anyone and had only once seen a picture of one...on BME. The clamps were pretty harsh...worse than the tongue clamps and even worse than the nipple. But this was probably resulting from how much skin he was pinching and it wasn't a sharp pain, just a dull, continuous throbbing because it took him a bit of time to make sure he was going to pierce it beautifully straight and everything. It is definitely better not to know when he is going to pierce so I just try to make sure I am going to be breathing out when it hits (everything seems to affect me less when I am breathing out). It was over before I knew it. I was actually scared to look down since I had never seen one in person before and he had never performed this exact piercing before. My friend said that it looked good, however, so I looked down and saw two horizontal balls right below my navel. I was extremely happy with the way that it looked turned out visually. I had expected it to be more difficult to take care of and take longer to heal than my other piercings so I was very patient with it, washing with Bactine two or three times a day, NOT touching it with anything less than immaculately clean hands, and three weeks later it is looking wonderful. The usual crusties but nothing so bad. The first couple days were kind of tough because I was not used to being able to feel the steel through my skin of one of my piercings. Back to the mistake I mentioned earlier. Immediately after I viewed the picture on BME, I got too excited and went straight for the pierce. I SHOULD have first researched more. Obviously to the more knowledgeable and smarter people of the pierce...this is a surface piercing. Which calls for a surface bar if you don't want the piercing to migrate out. This was very disappointing to realize after my piercing...but it is my own fault. I read somewhere that the chances of a surface piercing with a curved barbell is extremely slim, maybe .1%. This was discovered on the BME question and answer pages so check there to make sure you have all the information on your desired pierce if you are somewhat new to this, as I was. However, all I can do now is continue to watch my pierce and if it starts to migrate, take the bar out and start over with the correct jewelry. This is an awesome piercing...so hopefully I helped someone out with this BEFORE they got their pierce. I am now searching for another somewhat unusual pierce to satisfy my desire for the needle so anyone with suggestions please let me know. Peace


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 March 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: The+only+piercer+%40+MoD
Studio: Marks+of+Distinction
Location: Wilmington%2C+NC

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