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Deep Temporals for everyone

February 2001: My best friend, Julia, and I are on our way to Maryland, to pick up our boyfriends and then go see some of our friends' band play in a crappy venue. Julia and I think to ourselves, we've never really bothered looking nice for Ryan and Jason, we should do something tonight. So we did. Not to the nines, I mean, it was just a little local punk show. But we picked up some new make up and some new clothes and made ourselves up in the car. I bought some pretty little stick on jewels. I put two of them on the outside of each eye. To make a not too long story short, Jason saw them and said, "Oh girl, a piercing right there would look great!" And so I thought about it. And I decided, yes, it would indeed. I did think more about it, though. I worried, I mean, it's my face, it's near my eye.... But oh it would be so pretty and I'd never seen anyone else with it and I just loved the thought of having it. I talked to my friends about it, asked what they thought. Most of them said, "DO IT!" A select few put the idea down, saying that it'll be harder to get a job, my mom will kill me, it'll hurt.... But, my vanity won over my common sense and the next week I took myself down to the piercing place with the best reputation I knew of, Red Dragon, and talked to their piercer, Jessika Simmons. The place was impeccably clean and she said she could do it, no prob. The next day, I was there, $70 in hand. She took me back to the piercing room and donned her little blue mask and started getting the stuff together. I was nervous as hell. I had never had anything besides my ears pierced. I told her this and she was surprised. She said she couldn't believe I was getting such an exotic piercing for my first one. That made me feel much better about it, I felt kinda unique (whether I am or not is another story). So here she comes at me with the clamps. She's squeezing the skin by my eye and I'm thinking, "Aw shit, what have I gotten myself into?" Next thing I know there's a needle shoving through my skin and I suck my breath in quickly, that shit hurt! I feel the jewelry, a 16 gauge curved barbell, go through and she says, "You're done." And it stings, but I'm smiling. I stand up and go look in the mirror. Very happy with my appearance. Oh no, now I'm dizzy. She gives me a soda and tells me to sit down for a minute. I do and I feel better. I tip her and say thank you, she really was very good. She says, oh we have to name it and take pictures (she had done two others before mine and didn't know what to call it.) So we look at her chart of the human body and she finds the spot where it's at. The deep temporal. So that's what we call it. I have a deep temporal piercing. Then the pictures. She snaps away, saying, "Oh that's going to be such a good picture." Oh do I feel like a movie star. I say thank you again and walk out to the main room. There JR and Jessica are waiting for me and they ooh and aah at me as I show off my new decoration. This is the best piercing, people stop me all the time and comment on what an "attractive piercing" it is and how they've never seen it before. "Exactly", I tell them. Of course, I get the "Didn't that hurt" question. "Yes, yes it did" I always say. Cause it did. But that's no reason not to get it. Ever since I got it, I feel so much, well, cooler. As dumb as that may sound. I just feel more unique. I walk around and people look at me and people I don't know come up and ask me about it. Sure, I get the occasional "ew", but those people are just ignorant. I love it and that's what floats my boat. Then comes the hiding it from my family. No cigar. My aunt sees it. By this time, I had also had my tongue pierced and I had shown that to her. She says, "That thing on your face grosses me out a lot less than your tongue." So I take that as approval. My grandparents find out about it, too. No use wearing a band-aid. And no approval there.... I have yet to see my mom.... She has no idea. Oh me oh my.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 March 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Jessika+Simmons
Studio: Red+Dragon
Location: Richmond%2C+Va

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