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My first surface piercing - a madison :)

I was coming down to Brighton for the weekend to meet up with a few people, and I'd read quite a lot about Perforations on their website, and they'd also been recommended by quite a few people, so I knew I wanted to get something pierced there while I was in the area. The problem was, I needed something that I could hide for work, and I wasn't quite ready to have my nipples or belly button pierced. I wanted something a little unusual, I decided, and started thinking about surface piercings. I'd already seen a few pictures of various options, but the only one which REALLY appealed was the throat piercing (madison). My mind was made up. I called Perforations to ask a few questions about my options with this piercing, and decided on a PTFE barbell, as this would flex with my skin and reduce the pressure on the piercing slightly, in the hope of avoiding migration. Coming down on the train, I didn't really think about the piercing, as I was more excited about the meet than anything at that point in time! However, as soon as I stepped onto the station concourse, I started to get that familiar pre piercing endorphin rush, and couldn't wait to get to the studio and meet Warren and the others. When I got in there, it was pretty crowded, and I was worried I'd have to wait ages. I was introduced to all the people there by Lorraine who is a regular client, and it wasn't long before I was down in the studio getting ready for my new piercing. Dom was very careful about placement, measuring, checking, making me stand up, sit down, pull faces, etc. until he was certain that it was in the right place. He shaped the PTFE barbell into a surface bar shape, unwrapped the needle and clamps in front of me, so I was sure everything was sterile, and we were ready to get on with the piercing! Dom explained that rather than being a totally straight piercing, he would pierce in the shape of the surface bar, i.e. Down, Across, Up, and that this might take a couple of seconds to complete. No problem. I lay down on the bench and Dom had another look at the placement before clamping the skin at the base of my throat. This was slightly uncomfortable, but I wasn't too worried about the piercing itself. I tried my hardest to relax, and took a deep breath. I felt the needle enter my skin, which was uncomfortable, but still not too unpleasant, and as the needle came out the other side I started to buzz pleasantly with adrenaline. I'd been a little worried beforehand that it would be painful, but my concerns were unfounded, it wasn't sore at all. I took a minute to enjoy the adrenaline buzz, then Dom inserted the jewellery, cleaned up my neck, covered it with a dressing and packed me off upstairs to sort out payment and aftercare. Even though I knew the aftercare because of the research I'd done, the lady on the desk up stairs (I've forgotten her name – oops!) explained it all again for me, before giving me a detailed leaflet complete with diagrams describing the cleaning techniques. When I removed the dressing a few hours later, everyone said how excellent it looked, and after close inspection in the mirror I was inclined to agree! Two little silver balls that appeared to just hover at the base of my throat......even though I'd imagined it before, the reality was way better! It was a bit bloody, and these initial blood crusts proved to be a bit awkward to clean off – they just DIDN'T want to move, so I left them alone to avoid irritating the piercing. It's now about 7 weeks since I had the piercing done, and it seems to be okay now. The first couple of weeks I was surprised by how settled it was – although there was a little bruising initially, and it looked slightly yellow, it was producing normal lymph and crusties, and seemed fine. I was using salt soaks once a day and cleaning with salt solution. However, about 2 1/2 weeks after I had the piercing, I got very ill with bronchitis and a sinus infection, and all the coughing, sniffing and sneezing aggravated the piercing, as it was being pulled constantly. Once I was better I could see that something was amiss with the piercing. It was red and inflamed, though not sore, and it had stopped producing lymph. I continued to clean it as before, and hoped that it would settle down again. One day while I was cleaning it it became apparent what the problem was. I was gently pushing the hard area around the piercing with a cotton bud to see if it had softened at all, and a lot of lymph and gunk rushed out of the piercing. I was a bit freaked out by this, but I spoke to my piercer in London (who I'd already discussed the problem with) and she told me to just keep cleaning it regularly and to come and see her if it didn't improve. But it settled down again very quickly after that and is now back to normal. Even despite the problems after getting ill, which were a real pain in the arse, I would recommend this piercing to anyone. It looks fabulous, I just think my illness had a particularly bad effect on it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 March 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Dom
Studio: Perforations
Location: Brighton+UK

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