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My Midbrow, or My Zen Moment in Body Piercing

My Zen moment started when I walked upstairs to the second floor of a building on South St. where Warrior is located. It's early July, my labret of 7 months is healing and my lobes are adjusting to being stretched to 4g, and I decided to get my midbrow done. When I sat down, Shawn marked the site and prepped himself. When he told me to close my eyes, I replied "Aww Mommy, do I have to?" The Zen moment began just before the needle went through my skin, when I was sittig relaxed while blurting out "I wanna Easter egg, I wanna Easter egg, I wanna Easter egg!" Don't ask why I did it, but I didn't flinch either. There was a guy in front of me that got his nape done, when he stuck around to see me get my midbrow done, he couldn't believe how relaxed I was... well, come to think of it... he DID turn a nice shade of red and his eyes bulged out... I didn't laugh out of respect, and who am I to talk, right, I was after HIM! But when I did the Easter egg bit, we all agreed that it should have been on videotape, seeing that not even Shawn never had a client react that way...I can agree too... two months later, I was back at Warrior working behind the counter and was tight with the owner's son Sage, who to this day still gives me employee's discount on any piercing I get there. Talk about job perks, right? He even had dibs when I wanted to get any genital piercing, well he got that wish last summer, but I won't get into that here... By the way, during the time I worked at worked at Warrior, I have yet to see the same reaction I gave when I got my midbrow. Everytime Shawn or I brought it up, he'd back me up and say, "you had to be there." Anyway, after hearing the horror stories about having my midbrow either ripped out or growing in a few months, I stuck to my guns and kept it anyway. It really didn't take long to heal, a few weeks I think, and occasionally a bump would develop on either end, which is when I'd go back to aftercare real fast... and this was year after it was done. I have taken the barbell out on a few occasions, on one I didn't much choice, it was my brother's wedding, and he was adamant about it not being in, so I used a 14g plug i had used to stretch my lobes as a retainer, until I discovered at some point it fell out, sine the wedding was done, I got my barbell back in before piercing got any smaller. Normally I wouldn't bother my midbrow at all, if I go to a job interview, I cover the thing with my prescription glasses, which I only wear for that occasion. The balls are camoflauged and mistaken for part of the frames... then I don't have to hear the usual ga-ga you hear when normal people see something they're not used to seeing. I had people pinch their own midbrow trying to figure out how painful it would be, others would ask me what time it was so they could me look up and they can stare in great disbelief at what's going through my face, you name it, I got the reaction. And since I'm also a professional wrestler, even OTHER wrestlers ask me if it hurt and do I worry about somebody ripping my midbrow off my face. The worse that happened with it so far while I was in the ring was the other guy kept slamming my face into a turnbuckle. When I looked in a mirror (after examining my chest for handprints: hey those chops tend to leave a mark okay?) there was a little blood on either side of the balls, but that's just about it. Now the only thing I have to deal with is the the typical buildup of crusties, yuck. My guess is that they're too shocked from it being there to do it, otherwise, some wise-ass would have probably done it by now... like I said, it's just a guess. But so far, I can say I'm lucky as far the wrestling with a midbrow goes. If I was to do it again, I wouldn't hesitate, but honestly, SOMEBODY has to have a friggin camcorder this time so at least when I tell them what happened when I got this done, I don't have to forced to them the truth and back it up by saying, "well, ya HAD to be there if you don't wanna believe me ok?"


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 March 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Shawn+%28don%27t+know+his+last+name
Studio: Warrior
Location: Philadelphia%2C+Pa

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