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All about my nape experience

OK, I guess I will start by telling everyone about myself. I am 19 years old from a fairly small town in Pennsylvania. I have been into body piercing since I was 16 and I saw that my cousin had her tongue done but of course my mom would not let me get pierced until I was legally old enough to do so. So the next 2 years went by and the dream of me getting pierced finally got to come true. My cousin took me to The Warrior to get my tongue pierced and I was hooked from the start. I love the adrenaline rush that comes with the feeling of the needle going through your skin but thats a whole other experience in itself so let me get to the point already. This experience is about my nape piercing. It all started with me starting to get antsy for another piercing...something different. I didnt want something that everyone else had. I already have my tongue, nipples, navel, labret, eyebrow, industrial, and my hand webbing done. So it was time for something new. I went to my piercer and talked to her about getting something not so popular and she mentioned how she loved to pierce the nape. I knew what this piercing was all about from reading BME so much but I didnt think I could actually go through with it. She checked the back of my neck and she said there would be no problem piercing my nape. So we made an appointment for the next day and the anticipation started. The day I was supposed to go I started to get second thoughts but I knew it was something that I had to do. So I made my way to The Warrior on South Street and got started. She told me that she had the jewerly all ready for me, she used a 12g surface barbell, and we did all the paperwork and then we really got started. She cleaned the back of my neck and started to get the placement in just the right spot. It took about 5 mintues and when she was finally done she changed her gloves again and she clamped me (the most painful part)and told me to breathe and I felt the needle go in. Nothing to unbearable and I hardly felt it come out which surprised me. She left the clamps on the whole time, even while she was putting the jewerly in and finally they got to come off. I have to admit that I absolutley loved the way it felt, the way my adrenaline was pumping, it was a great "high" for me. But after she took the clamps off I couldnt even tell that she had pierced me. It was a little sore when I moved my neck but thats it. We took some pictures for her album and she told me how to take care of it and I went on my way. I have had it about a week and a half now and it is doing pretty good. I had a little scare today though, i thought it was growing out but when I went in to see my pierced she reassured me that it was just the way the jewerly was positioned, that made me feel a lot better. This has to be one of my favorite piercings and if I ever lost it I would be devasted. I clean it while I am in the shower with Ivory soap and I do a warm sea salt soak at night, which feels sooo good. Hopefully everything will heal like it is supposed to even though I know there is a chance that it might grow out but when you think about it there is that chance with every piercing that you get. Your body might reject it and there will be nothing you can do so I say just go for it if you want it. I have gotten mixed reactions from people, some say it is nasty while others are just amazed that I would do something like that to myself. I didnt do it for anyone else though, I did it for myself and I am so glad that I went through with it.

There might be some questions that you want to ask so let me try to answer them now. Q. Does it hurt. A. Not anything that is unbearable. I found that my industrial hurt a lot more then getting my nape done but if you have a lot of loose skin back there shouldnt be a problem. Q. Why the back of the neck? A. There really isnt any one answer that I can give for that one. It was something new and exciting that I wanted to try. I dont want something that everyone has because like I said before I get pierced for me and not because everyone else has it done. Q. How long will it take it heal? A. I have heard that it could take years to fully heal so I am in no rush. It can be going really well for awhile and then just get irritated and infected for no reason. But I do have to wait about 2 or 3 months before I can get pierced again so i give my body enough time to fully heal from this piercing. I really cant think of any other questions that there could be but if you have a question that you want to ask about this piercing or any other one that I mentioned above please feel free to email me. I would be glad to hear from you and answer the questions as best as I can. If your thinking about doing it I say just got for it, your only live once and if you dont like it you can always take it out. But thats just my opinion... :) Thanks for reading.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 March 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Shona
Studio: Warrior
Location: Levittown%2C+PA

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