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Self-inflicted Vertical bridge piercing

I am a 20 yr old British girl and a complete tattoo/ piercing addict .I decided to get a vertical bridge piercing as i looked really good with a bindi on and I knew I would be the only person in my town to have one. I thought about it for a long time before I went ahead with it but sometimes if I listen to punk rock when I get up of a morning I get in a crazy mood and this morning I was feeling well and truly punked out having listned to the Damned ( my favourite band) at full volume so I did it myself. I'm already pretty freaky looking as I already have my ears pierced 6 one side and a tunnel about 6mm the other, 2 noserings, tongue stud, 2 side labrets, both nipples, both labia and my clit pierced plus assorted other piercings which have grown out or got boring over the last few years and have fallen by the wayside so to speak. I also have 2 dragons tattooed on my leg, a big tribal on my arm, a little tribal on my stomach, a tribal on the back of my neck and the logo of the rehab centre I was put in when i was 19 on my wrist( the less said about that the better!). Given all this combined with bright red dreads I wanted something really different that would stand out even on me but as i live on 40 quid a week benefit there was no way I could pay for it so there was only one answer, DIY! I would normally use a hypodermic needle as i have pierced my own nose, ears etc but I couldnt find one and when I get the urge to get pierced or tattooed I have to do it there and then so i used a sewing needle! I sterilised everything with peroxide then marked where I wanted the piercing and went for it. By some miracle of fate ( cos lets face it, this is a really stupid thing to do) I got the positioning spot on ( Lord knows how, without clamps) and the pain was minimal.I did experience problems pushing the needle through as theres nothing to push and the blunt end of the needle kept going into my fingertips. Ouch!! Being a head wound the moment i took out the needle blood poured down my face and I looked like Sissy Spacek in "Carrie!" .I managed to get the jewellery ( a 2mm gauge straight bar which is apparently not what youre supposed to use but, it was what I had spare) into the lower hole despite the blood but as I pushed it through I felt it go between the skin and the bone of my scalp so it came out deeper than intended. That wasnt actually as gross as it sounds, honestly!.Once I had cleaned up it looked wicked. However, the piercing did eventually reject albeit slowly. Given the method its hardly surprising it grew out but I got a good 6 months out of it although I would not have considered it to ever have healed fully. Although there was no infection as I kept it scrupulously clean it still looked a bit red as it grew out. It got a lot of attention and several annoying little girls on the local scene wanted to copy it but hopefully they havent got the guts. It became my trademark piercing and definitely my favourite one ever.It did attract a lot of the usual stupid "did it hurt" type questions from people but thats an occupational hazard!

Unfortunately as it was so deeply pierced the scar is quite bad but Its placed exactly where a bindi would go which actually looks pretty cool (well, not too bad anyway!). I miss the piercing but i think I would be stupid to re-do it and risk worse scarring so I got the neck tattoo I mentioned earlier to make up for it. I have since met one of the 1st people in this country to have a vertical bridge and found out thats its actually a pretty difficult piercing to do effectively and I'm not one of those lucky people whose body never rejects a piercing ( jammy gits!)so I feel priveliged to have had it that long. I wouldnt reccomend that anybody pierces them selves. I guess I have an excuse cos I'm officially mental and undergoing psychiatric treatment and cos im not squeamish and have a high pain threshold! My next idea is to get a regular bridge double-pierced but this time I'll be saving my pennies to have it done properly!! DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME PLEASE! I DONT WANT TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR A RASH OF LESS SUCESSFUL SELF-PIERCINGS!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 March 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: myself
Studio: my+bedroom
Location: Peterborough%2C+England

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