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my shortlived nape

Well, I decided spontaneously on the way home from Florida, in my 10 or so minutes of actually being awake and talking to people (30 hours on a bus sucks) that I wanted spinal piercings. Then I decided I would do something for attention and get my nape pierced.. I figured it would be easy enough to hide from my dad.. These aren't really the reasons I took it out.. So when I got back, the day after, I went to Artistics and asked Lisa to pierce my nape. She laughed and said I was Lee's territory.. I wanted it done then before I spent all my money.. So my friend got his septum pierced, which he got caught with a few days later and his dad made him take it out or he would kick him out. See, septum retainers aren't always invisible. I'm lucky, mine is... I get sick and tired of peoples comments sometimes. I usually get pierced for myself. I went in a week later, on a Saturday, after work with my friend Sasha. Lee and I talked until she got there and she showed me my surface bar. It was short, and going to be fairly deep. So we went to the back and she cleaned off my neck (I hate when my neck is touched) and then got out the calipers, measured the bar, measured my neck and made preliminary dots after testing to see how much skin I had.. I don't have much at all where I wanted it placed, so it was fairly high up.. My hair falls right under my ears, and its the same length all around. It was an inch under where my hair ended. After walking to see Mike who was preparing to tattoo one and confirm the dots and have someone ask me stupid questions, "Oh my god, thats going to hurt." and me responding, "I'll tell you in a few minutes.." the dots were confirmed straight and all that fun stuff. Clamps were applied which sucked, because I hate it when people touch my neck and it was sort of a choking feeling. The clamps were Foeresters, which means they have little teeth. The most painful part of the procedure right there. They were fairly tight, but thats just because I have extremly tight skin. I started to breath deeply as Lee grabbed the needle and positioned it. Mike was holding the clamps. "Big breath in, big breath out." I breathed in, and the piercing started.. (Anyone wondering how I was sitting, I was in an antique, seriously, dentists chair with the head rest taken off and Lee and Mike were standing behind me..) It was a two breath piercing, not that fast, not too terribly slow either (I am comparing as in fast for my labret, and slow for my vertical earlobes or sternum surface, which is 'healed' after 6 months and looking good, with a surface bar, of course, all done by Lee) It didn't really hurt, it moreorless stung quite a bit and unlike most piercings, when you can feel it exit and that generally hurts the most, I couldn't tell when the needle exited (well, Lee did say "its done!" and I go "Yay!") because there was no change in pain. The surface bar was put in, no pain there at all. The dots were wiped off my neck, with alcohol (there was a line and many dots), which dried out most of my neck pretty badly. Yay, I was happy, I had my nape piercing. I paid Lee and we decided to connect my orbital. It sucked, my entire ear felt like it was on fire. I hate orbitals. I have an idea, they should be done initally with 12ga jewellry and when they were connected, 14ga jewellry.. to relieve pressure. I froze my ass off walking my friend to work, but I wouldn't put my hoodie on because I wanted people to see my neck. I got a few comments, but got fairly sick of it and hiding it from my dad.. I am sick of healing things, I just want to stop and let my body take a break for a while. I haven't been able to sleep without something hurting since last March. So one night I was having a bath and unscrewed it and took it out, and set the surface bar down.. I washed the holes with soap. It isn't much of a loss to me simply because it wasn't a piercing for me. It was a piercing done for other people, and I never really even saw it. It was hard for me to take a picture of, hard for me to see in the mirror. I get piercings for myself. I did it for attention, got attention and didn't like it. The piercing was also damn near perfect, it was amazingly straight, but it still wasn't for me. Oh well. For anyone interested my current mod count is my sternum surface, labret, septum, in my left ear: 000ga lobe, 14ga vertical lobe, 4ga conch, 14ga orbital and in my right ear: 000ga lobe, 14ga vertical lobe, 4ga conch, 14ga high conch, 8ga cartilage. For the record, all of the 'bigger' gauged cartilage piercings were dermal punched. I have matching tunnels in all of them, and nice flared tunnels in my lobes with CBR's hanging through them (flared tunnels have a tendency to fall out.) Well, I hope you enjoyed my story.. Oh, I cleaned my nape with Dial soap (hey, it works for me) and occasionally soaked it in tea tree oil.. It seemed to work.. Visit my IAM page at iam.bmezine.com/?San


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 March 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Lee
Studio: Artistic+Impressions
Location: Niagara+Falls+ON%2C+Canada

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