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The love of pain

I had my madison and nape done today Feb. 26 2001. The madison was done first. The experience was very enjoyable to me. Rene had me do the relaxation breathing technique. Rene used a 14 gauge needle to do the piercing. For the madison there was not much pain and no bleeding. The nape which was done second is another story. It hurt like hell. Thats the reason I enjoyed it so much though. A 12 gauge needle and barbell was used for the nape. Still no bleeding however. When the needle was halfway through I couldn't help but scream "MOTEHRFUCKER," but once it was finished I was extremely pleased. the nape is still a little sore, but that is to be expected as I just had it done. I was a test subject at my request. I had been shopping around at different shops for my piercings then I stumbled onto Freespirit. I have been going there ever since, about 2 years now. I have been discussing a possible apprenticeship, with the owner. She had never done a piercing of this kind before, but I got pictures and documentaion from BME for her to read and she also did a little research on the subject. She decided she would give it a shot. The shop is very clean and steril, overall a very good enviroment, Rene also makes you feel at ease and at home. She also likes her customers to stop by or call periodically to let her know how the piercing is doing, you get a real sense that she cares. She was pleased with the work as was I. Before too long I will have pictures to upload. Until I get more done I won't have anything to add, but if I get my way I will be adding alot. The sooner the better in my opinion. BME wants more so here it goes. One experience I decided to try myself since the shop won't do genital piercings. Being a guy it was obviously a penis piercing, of the frenum variety. The first time I did it, I was well lets just say I had a certain substance in my body. All I really remember is it was extremely painful, I remember hearing a couple of popping sounds, and I seem to recall quite a bit of.......Shrivaling! It was not a successful procedure, as due to this "substance" I was using a sewing needle for handstiching. The second time was successful, but as pleasurable to me because there was little pain due to me being alcaholicly impaired. To my way of thinking I had to be stoned or completely drunk to even attempt such a procedure on a part of my body I am so fond of. The third time I had decided I wanted it done. I also decided that the best way to have a more successful piercing was to do it sober. The first step was to visit my piercer and buy the needle and jewelry. I purchased a hollow 14 gauge needle, cork, and a 14 gauge 3/8" length barbell. Returning home I was getting excited about doing it, but decided I should have a couple cigarettes to lower my adrenaline, so I wouldn't be so shaky. I didn't exactly want to pierce it the wrong way and do some damage I would regret forever. When I was ready I made my way to the bathroom with the supplies and jewelry. I lowered the toilet seat and sat down after dropping my pants to the floor. I followed the breathing procedures that have been taught to me. I was surprised at how little pain was involved seeing as how I was sober this time around. They say third time's a charm and in this case it is true. There was no bleeding, and has healed up very nicely. I am surprised yet prideful at how it turned out. My girlfriend likes it alot as well, for obvious reasons. Afterwards I was feeling refreshed that I had finally gotten it done and would remember doing it completely. I won't have pictures of this one as the photographer friend refuses to take a picture let alone view it. I have had other piercings done as well some were good experiences some were bad. The ones that were bad were done at shops that I shouldn't have gone to. The classic stick and get. Due to scar tissue I have since learned my lesson. I have had my earl done once but due to snags I have had to take it out, but I plan on have it redone. Ex girlfriends can be a real pain. My lebret has been done twice. The first time it had to be removed for a potential Naval recruiting, which I have decided is not for me. The second time however is different as I still have it and have had it for at least 6 months now. My tongue has been done twice, the first time was one of those mall shops, by a piercer who I found out later was untrained and unlicensed which explains why it had to be removed. The second one was done at Freespirit, and I have had it for 3 years now. Other then my ear my tongue was my first piercing. Speaking of ears, my left ear is being streched, I currently have roughly 5/16" tube through it now and plan to go to about a 1 inch diameter tube. My eyebrow has been done 7 times. Being removed was not exactly a removal, some of my girlfriends have been shall we say a little less then careless with their hair. Consequently I have decided to leave it out until I can train them to be careful. Last but not least is my lonely nipple. It has only been done once and has not been removed. I have had it for about a year and a half. Future plans include two more napes and two pocketings between the nape piercings. As for the rest I know I want more, but I am undecided about what they will be.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 03 March 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Rene+Halsted
Studio: Freespirit
Location: Gresham%2C+Oregon

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