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So when I was 13 I got really into the whole "hardcore" scene idea. I was going to shows at a younge age and got really interested in the body piercing / tattoo idea. However, I knew that I had to wait until i was around 16 to start thinking about getting pierced. So three years went by and I finally decided on my first piercings. My double tongue ring. I am all about symmetry and I was planning on having two of everything. It wasn't hard for me to decide on my shop or artist because my friend Breanne had been piercing for a few years now and she had told me that anytime I wanted anything done she'd be happy to pierce me. So I went in for my first piercings and it turned out to not be so bad, and i enjoyed the sensation alot. So this was to begin my few year addiction with getting new piercings. When my 17th birthday rolled around I decided on getting my nipples pierced. I had seen many pictures and many people with them and I liked how it looked, therefore I decided to get mine done. However, I didn't know how weirdly painful it would be, yet I did have some sort of idea. So I went in to see Breanne one afternoon and I told her what i was going to get done. She happily agreed and we started the procedure. First, I sat down on the piercing chair and I took my shirt off and she began to makr the spot. The best thing about her is that she is just as much of a perfectionist as I am and that makes me feel safe around her. Because she will re-do the marks two or three times until she gets it where she wants and thinks is perfect. So then, she cleaned the area off and told me to hold my breath. She placed the needle in and it wasn't as bad as I thuoght the first time. It bled a good amount but i was tolerating the pain. I think its because my body wasn't used to such a sensation. So to stay with my theme of the number two i got the other side done as well. And man that hurt twice as much. I guess because my body now recognized the pain and was letting me know. That side bled a lot more and there was a lot more stinging sensation. So I went home and took care of them for the next few weeks. It was quite hard for me to sleep on my stomach and to put my clothes on because I was nervous about irritating them. Finally after a month or two I could comfortably lie flat on my stomach and have a tight shirt on. The next piercing was a facial piercing, my monroe. I met a few girls at hellfest who had them done and thought it looked real neat. So when i came home from hellfest around my 18th birthday, Breanne told me it'd be her birthday present to me. I was psyched beyond all belief. I would have to say this was the most difficult one to take care of and it was quite a weird place to pierce. So first she cleaned the inside and outside of my mouth. Her perfection level had gotten hire so it took her a good 10minutes to decide the perfect spot for it. FInally she did and she told me make sure my lips were elastic enough and to hold my breath and to hold onto something because it was sure to hurt. ANd she was quite correct I have never felt so much pain. My lip bled quite a lot and it took longer to heal. I think it hurt more when she put the jewelary in then the actual needle. Probably because there was more pressure being put on it. My top lip was swollen for a week or so and then the usual crusties formed and it took me a while to be able to talk properly and get used to something rubbing up against my top gums. However, once it was done I began to love it. And I also recieved many compliments on it. After that I became involved in surface piercings. I decied on my madison piercing and the back of my neck .THose didn't hurt as much because my skin is quite elastic. THere wasn't as much blood when the needle was placed in as much as there was when the actual barbells were put in. I've been going to the same body piercer over the last almost 4years. Anytime anyone asks me about who to go to I recommend her. She is a perfectionist and one of the nicest people I know. She is gentle yet agressive. I thank her for all her work on my body. THose are my final piercing as of now. However ,I think i'm going to begin getting invovlved into surface piercings. I really like the sternum and wrist piercings and I'm thinking about getting those done in a few months.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Feb. 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: breanne
Studio: side+effects
Location: south+florida

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