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I'm not too sure what kind of experience you crazy kids are looking for. But I'll tell this one, just because some people seem to find it pretty fucking entertaining. I guess that's just human nature to enjoy others inflicted with pain and suffering. Come on. Your head turns as you pass accidents and such. I know it does : ) Anyway. A few years ago, I had my eyebrow pierced, my lip, the spot between your thumb and pointer finger on both hands. My ears in four places and tiny little stud things I made through the top of each finger. It's kind of difficult to describe. I enjoy pain. I guess. When I do it to myself that is. The most amazing thing for me was piercing myself between my thumbs. I loved how it felt. And the ones on top of my fingers were fantastic. I wish I had pictures of them. but I don't. There is a sort of release for me inserting foreign objects into my skin. Feeling that sensation. It's sort of...spiritual... I was out and about late one evening. I used to sleep through the day and spend my awake hours at night doing this or that. Of course it depended on whether I was working or going to school. At this time I was doing neither. Everyone seemed to be either busy or sleeping. So I decided to just go walking through the city. People have said in the past that it wasn't a great idea for a 5'2 girl who only weighs 95lbs to be out by herself that late....but I generally don't really care to much...I suppose...I tend to be quite indifferent to many things... So I was walking....and I noticed that I had acquired the attention of a group of people...a few years older then me I guessed....I was about...16....they were trailing along behind me...I kept walking thinking to myself....I should probably get to a more um populated place....this seemed rather isolated....I don't believe I even finished the thought really when someone grabbed a hold of my arm and spun me around. I'm not going to get into exchanged dialects.....to give you the short story, they basically didn't agree with my choice of um....expressing my self...so to speak....there were about 7 of them...they held me down and ripped out everything. Except for my ears. Those, they said, were the only place one should be pierced. So they threw me around a bit. Pestered me. Got bored. And took off. I stumbled home. Cleaned the wounds with peroxide. And went to bed. I haven't gotten anything pierced since. I'm not too sure why. I still have my ears done. But that's all. As terrible as it was. I can also look at it as a character builder. Advancement through physical and emotional pain. Just another page in my insane book of life. I welcome these negative things...along with the positive.. Lately I've been thinking about getting into it again. I have this metal fetish that will not die. But that night totally riled me. And its just hard to think about doing again. I was talking to some friends of mine and they suggest I go to Eye of the Needle or some Divine place and get a professional to do it this time. They also said just because I had one awful experience doesn't mean another will occur. And perhaps I shouldn't be so fucking stupid....walking around like that.....but I mean....that's what I enjoy doing....anyway....I'm just rambling now. I think some time soon I'll start with my eyebrow again. And then maybe. Well. Who knows. I have all these little scars now. They look rather interesting. They give my skin a face of its own. Little pretty reminders....I hold onto my past....and sometimes perhaps I shouldn't. I am getting a tattoo though. I made the appointment. Go me. I think I want to get...a small slender black dragon on the right side of my stomach. And some sort of symbol on the back of my neck next time. I've always wanted something on my hands but I simply can't figure out what....I believe I'm going to design these myself....I like creative originality...I like that touch of uniqueness.... I know you most likely wanted something to do with the actual piercing process but I mean. I just did them myself really. With a needle. On days where I felt upset and destructive, which was quite often. Still is I suppose. So there you have it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Feb. 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: she+is+insane
Studio: my+room
Location: Saskatoon+somewhere

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