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the addiction

It all started out with a simple ear piercing. Than I moved onto oral piercings. Than finally I decided I wanted something else. I wanted something that most people would look at and be like wow thats different. It wasn't hard for me to choose my artist. I knew exactly who was doing my piercings because I had used him before for my double tongue rings. He was excellent, and a friend of mine. So therefore, I knew he was going to be doing his best work on me. He was obsessed with perfection when it came to his job and I absolutely find that so important. Whenever he has done a piercing on me he has taken at least 15mintues to draw the perfect dots for the needle to go into. So at first I decided to get my septum done. However, it was very controversial among my friends because some thought it would be ugly, others thought i'd look good and I was highly confused. So one day i sat myself in front of my mirror with a hoop hanging outside my nose. I sat there for a good 5hours just looking at myself and taking pictures of me wearing it. I had to make sure i would absolutely love it. And I came to the conclusion that I did. SO sure enough, that next afternoon I called Noam up and made an appointment with him. I brought along my bestfriend to hold my hand because I am quite afraid of needles which is extremely ironic because I am addicted to piercings. So we went in and he put me in the chair and cleaned my nose out with the solution and told me I couldn't breath in or it would burn really really badly. So i closed my eyes and held my breath. I was in for quite the rush because it was painful. I think it was more painful for me when he was screwing the captive bead on and placing the ring in place instead of the actual needle going through. Most likely because there was a lot of pressure on it and a nice amount of blood flow. So while I was lying in the chair and waiting for the blood to stop I was staring at the pictures on the walls of all the people who had come in for different sorts of piercings. And I noticed this one girl on the wall with her madison pierced. I absolutely thought it was the coolest thing ever and I had to have it. So I told Noam I was thinking about getting it done but I didnt' have more money with me that afternoon, so I told him i'd be back with my new paycheck within the next few weeks. Sure enough, 2weeks rolled by and my pay came into the mail, and i cashed it and went right on over to rock-a-billy. This time i was even more nervous because this piercing was so close to my veins near my neck and such. However, I went through it anyhow. He cleaned my upper chest area and told me that it might hurt a bit and there shouldn't be too much blood. So I closed my eyes and held my breath and before I knew it the needle was through. I stood there for about 5minutes not believing what I had just pierced. I was so shaken up by the piercing that I was ready to go and just leave with the needle still in. But, low and behold he obviously had to put the barbell into the hole. That was the worst experience ever. I hated everysingle moment of it. But for some reason, I still loved it. And that was the start of my surface piercing addiction. Because following that I decided on a few more surface piercings. I like to be symmetrical and have two of each thing. So i went and got the back of my neck pierced three weeks later. So in a span of two months I already had 3 new piercings. THe back of my neck was a piercing that I basically didn't feel at all. I think i have good elasticity or something. Then I moved onto my 2nd to last surface piercing that I am going to recieve for the time being. My sternum was the last one that i pierced. Out of all the piercings I got over the last few months I think my sternum was the hardest one to deal with. To Start it off, there isn't a lot of extra skin there, its mainly very close to the bone so its hard to get to get a needle in there. Next I couldn't have any sort of item rub up against it or sleep on my stomach for at least a month. So in the begginning of the healing process I had many countless and endless nights without sleep because it hurt so much. Even if i moved my body the wrong way it would feel like it was pulling. However, as soon as it healed it was as if it wasn't there. But i think that piercing of my sternum hurt the most and healing was the worst process. But, that is how my addiction to surface piercings began. I am now waiting to get my wrists pierced. I met a boy with his done and it looks very very nice. I absolutely love it. So hopefully in a few weeks I will have done my wrists and then maybe i will be set. So at the moment i now have, two tongue piercings, madison, back of the neck, septum, sternum, both nipples, and hopefully my wrists will be in full effect.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Feb. 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: noam
Studio: rock-a-billy
Location: south+florida

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