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A Voyeur's Perspective Of An Uvula Piercing

UVULA PIERCING Performed on Saturday, November 11, 2000 FULL MOON To begin, I must let you know that the Piercer's name is Mike and the Piercee's name is Mike! So I will call the Piercer Michael, and the Piercee will be called, as always, Mike. Please do not take any offense to my referring to you, wonderful Piercer, as Michael :o) It will just make this story a great deal easier to relate! No real sequence of events here, this writing comes straight from my heart, soul and gray matter, just spewing out off the ends of my fingertips to the keyboard! I hope you enjoy reading about yourselves, both of you, from a true voyeur's perspective, that's me, goddess betty :o) Ok, here we go...The full moon last Saturday night was perfect. Father Moon was there in all his glory, sending magic moonbeams straight to the hearts and souls of these two gentlemen, about to perform and receive an extremely difficult and unique piercing! The Uvula, according to Highroad's Dictionary, New Canadian Edition 1951 (an old treasure of mine) is a "noun, in Latin, 'uva' meaning grapes. The fleshy lobe hanging from the back of the throat." When I arrived at StrongArm shortly after 7:00 p.m. Mike was pacing in the front of store, his energy level felt incredible, he was electric, and was clutching a soft gray warmie/hoodie to put on after being pierced, you know, those piercing and tattoo shakes we all experience. He came prepared in so many ways. Apparently he had been practicing for quite some time on his gag reflex, and felt very confident that he had it all under control, I like and respect Mike a lot, he is apprenticing with Nicci at Venus & Mars, and doing an extremely fine job at it! He had eaten a good meal 2 hours earlier to give himself strength. Nicci, Amanda and Mo were on their way to StrongArm, so when they arrived everyone was full of hugs and encouragement. I know Mike felt much better when Nicci arrived - they have a beautiful piercing and personal rapport going on, and a great deal of respect for each other! As far as we know this uvula piercing is the first to be performed in Central Florida. It is also the first time Michael had performed this piercing! Nicci called up to Venus & Mars to tell the professional photographer that was visiting to please come on over to StrongArm to take close up and I mean really, really close up shots after the piercing was completed. He arrived right on time and took quite of number of photos which I hope he is willing to share. A Kodak Moment for sure :o) Michael the piercer was great, he was totally into this new journey, he was chock full of static energy. To be truthful, you could have enjoyed a totally incredible, natural high just from the energy coming off everyone there! Energy level right off the richter scale! This was an experience I was very proud and honored to be a part of - I do believe most everyone present felt the same way. One of the most fascinating side effects of this piercing was the long, wet strings, and I mean thick, long strings of "drool" that slid gracefully from Mike's mouth on a continuous basis. Michael referred to it as that "Alien gooey shit". Even when he began just swabbing the uvula, he was remarking on the thick, sticky stuff he could not remove. Amazing how Mike was able to hold his mouth open for such an incredibly long time and not gag. Having him leaning over the back of the piercing table (it was propped up) was so clever! Nothing could fall into Mike's mouth, it could only go one way, down, out of his mouth to the floor or Michael's lap. Michael could not mark the uvula - it was coated too heavily with goo. Michael was good, he was caring, he asked on a number of occasions if he was pinching, or pulling too hard. He was also sweating heavily, he needed the sweat wiped off his brow many times. He began that internal and slightly external shaking, but totally in control, like Nicci gets, that good piercing rush! A great deal of time was spent "encouraging" the forceps to hold the uvula still (almost an impossible task as the muscles around and attached to it are moving all the time. That little sucker was a bitch to get still enough to slide the needle through. Mike said there was no pain. Try talking with a needle in the back of your throat! He told us later he could feel the tip of the needle touching, but it was not poking him. Michael said the uvula felt like a little piece of bouncy rubber, ready to fly away, ready to bounce away when he began inserting the needle.

The needle "has landed" the needle is through!! I believe the jewelry used was a 14gSS internally threaded barbell, not sure, and I do not know it's length. The jewelry ended up at a slight angle and Mike expressed happiness because of that angle - he would not feel the two balls rubbing against his throat - only one :o) As he put it after the successful piercing, no pain, a small amount of irritation, just a tickle at the back of his throat. He was so high on adrenaline, so proud of himself! His jaws were aching from holding his mouth open for so long, I really do not have any idea how long the whole procedure took, wish we had timed it for curiosities' sake... Michael was totally elated! "Fuck it man, I'm going outside to lay in the gutter and smoke cigarettes!" I believe one of the most difficult procedures was corking the needle. That took precision and time and care! Amanda was verbally encouraging to Mike throughout the whole procedure - that was great! While getting set up for the piercing, Nicci had offered to sit beside him for comfort and strength, but he replied, "No thanks Nicci, I am so very happy to have everyone in front of me where I can see you all." I ended up on the floor determined to see up inside his mouth (damn, I had a good view, it was fantastic!). Watching Michael work his magic as a piercer, he should be very, very proud of himself! Mike was the king on his throne with all his subjects on the floor below him and Michael right up close and personal!! The "cheering", loving crowd consisted of Nicci, Amanda, Mo, wonderful me, Betty, and two gentlemen from StrongArm. There was also a young man with a red stripe down his head that was very pleasant when I met him on arrival, but he decided to stand in the doorway of the piercing room and began tapping on the door frame, having his own little drumming session right in the middle of the piercing! Good grief, Charlie Brown, take your music and yourself out of this environment! I admit to giving him a "look" - that's all that was necessary - he stopped, so it was all good! I simply loved the whole experience! Both Mike and Michael were so happy and proud. it was sensational! Michael was all about, "Now, you call me every day man, and I mean every day, to let me know how you're doing." I liked that, just what a good piercer should care about and be interested in! Mike was planning on doing the warm sea salt gargle 2 to 3 times a day. I understand through the grapevine that Mike is a wonderful show-off, an exhibitionist at heart, and just loves to share his new piercings - you go, Mike!!! The two gentlemen from StrongArm were right there with us all through the whole wonderful, intense piercing. I overheard one of them say to the other, "Damn, I'm going to pass out!" Good guy-stuff guffaw. And one of them was asking if any help was needed, or if Michael needed anything. Good group, extraordinary experience! Great Piercer Michael, and great Piercee, Mike - gold stars for you both and buckets of fairy dust was being sprinkled over you both for peace and success! Hey, no laughing, fairy dust and that gooey Alien stringy stuff made for a great spiritual, rewarding, successful, intense, incredible, wonderful journey. Mike, I wish I could be with you to massage your face, in particular, your jaw muscles. Thank you again for the invitation to be with you! I really wish to know how you are doing - are you having any discomfort, any swelling, trouble swallowing, talking???? And how was the experience for you, did you trip, did you fly, did you go somewhere else, and if so, where did you go and how did it feel? Michael, I sure hope you didn't lay down in that gutter just to smoke 34 well deserved cigarettes :o) I was very pleased to meet you, and thank you again for giving me the opportunity to be there with you, right behind you, all the way! It was delightful! That's all folks, at least for now..... :o) P.S. It's February 17, 2000, and I am just now getting around to sending you this experience, with good reason. Mike is doing just fine, as happy as a clam! What's next on your piercing menu, Mr. Mike? Hugs for everyone involved - you know who you are, I'm so proud of Mike and Michael, a good slap on the butt is in order sounds really good to megiggle. Hope everyone out there enjoys this experience, I would love to receive some feedback. Be well everyone.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Feb. 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Mike
Studio: StrongArm47
Location: Orlando%2C+Florida

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