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My kick ass looking nape

I had decided to go to Madison for the weekend. When I'm there I normally stop at the Piercing Lounge on Gilman Street and get a new piercing. I really like the work they do there. I have never had a problem with them yet, unlike the places around where I live that can't get anything pierced decent. And when I stop in there I normally don't have to wait long to get in, they normally aren't real busy like other places where you have to call a few days in advance just to get in. I was all set on getting my ears finally pierced. My first piercing was my left ear at walmart, I haven't worn jewelry in it for a year atleast. I want my ears to be a 00ga eventually, so I called and asked the place if they do scalpeling, they didn't. So I asked if I could get pierced at a 4ga, they said ya and to stop in. When I got there they said I didn't have the lobes for a 4ga right away. They said a 8 or 6 is what I would hafta start at. After some thinking I changed my mind and decided to get a nape instead of my ears. I saw my first nape piercing when I was there about a year ago getting my tragus done. I thought it looked so cool when I saw it and knew that one day I would have one. After I filled out the forms and paid 80$ for it the piercer dan picked the jewelry out which was a 1 ¼" 14 gauge barbell. He went and got everything all set up. I had brought my friend Melissa with me. I didn't want to go get pierced by myself, I wanted to have someone there with me. There were two other girls waiting to get their navels pierced too. The one girl was asking if it was going to hurt, lol. Then she was mumbling how she would never get a tattoo cause she would probably be crying from the pain the whole time. I want a BME logo tattoo eventually. The piercer was finally ready for me, so I took my jacket off and gave it to Melissa to hold on to for me. She also held onto my aftercare sheet for me. When I got in there he had the ends on the barbell curved up a bit, so now it looked like a surface bar, which was cool. I was hoping they were going to do something to it besides leave it as a normal barbell. Surface bars work better. He had me stand up and look straight ahead and he put some marks on the back of my neck and he cleaned it up. After he had the spots marked he told me to lay face down on the table. I asked if he was going to use a clamps and he said that he does his surface piercings freehand. The procedure went pretty quick. It hurt a little but it wasn't anything unbearable. It felt good at the same time. He said I did pretty good. He then had me sit up and then he went over the aftercare procedures. He said to clean it with ear piercing care solution and after about 3 days do a warm sea salt soak also at night. He said to soak it in a warm washcloth and put it over the piercing for about 15minutes. He said to make sure I do the cleanings in the morning day and at night. And that even after a week or so if it stips leaving crusties that it doesn't mean I can stop the aftercare. If I had any problems with it I should call him or stop in. He then gave me a mirror so I could see it in the other mirror. I liked it the way it looks, im happy I got it done. Wish I could've got a second one while I was there but I didn't have enough money for two. After I left me and Melissa went walking around on state street. She never went to the puzzlebox store there so I decided that we would go walk there. Good store, if you are ever in Madison stop by and look around in it. The cold was bothering the nape a little, kind of like the way it bothered my septum. I thought I wasn't going to sleep good the first night, but I slept fairly good. It didn't bother me much since I don't sleep on my back. It hurt a little when I turned my neck but that's about it. I have noticed that it hurts when I lift stuff, but luckily I don't really do much for lifting at work, so its ok. Putting shirts on is ok as long as the collar isn't too tight. It was funny at school to here people talking behind me saying that must have hurt or ouch. The one girl Sara was saying that I should sit behind her instead cuz it grosses her out having to see it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Feb. 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: dan
Studio: the+piercing+lounge
Location: madison%2C+wisconsin

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