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SpLiT lObE oRbItAl PiErCiNg

Well firstly I'm gonna have to describe my lobe so y'all can get the full effect. Basically I have a 'normally formed ear' down to where the lobe is. Then I have 1/2 a lobe which is attatched to the main part of the ear and 1/2 a lobe which is kinda attatched to my neck and jutts out almost to form an ear - but one with a split separating the 2 sections. Thats probably really badly explained, but ya probably get the picture. Its supposedly a sign of a genetic flaw - however I think my little Sister got mine as she was born with Downs Syndrome (I shouldn't joke about that - OOPS!!!) Now I have to put SERIOUS emphasis on how embarassed and ashamed I was of this 'defect'All of my life up until secondary school, I've worn hairstyles to hide it, I wouldn't run about cuz the wind would blow my hair away. It sounds soooo silly lookin back, but it bugged the hell outta me. So anyway... to the point. Last year when I'd just turned 16, I knew I wanted another piercing (I have 13 at the mo)So I wondered about a few things... an eyebrow, a septum, a venom. And then suddenly thought about how cool a piercing an Orbital - going from the split of my lobe to my actual lobe would be, linking the 2 pieces with 1 CBR. However if this was possible it just wouldn't have been enough to satisfy my need for the needle, so I decided to get my brow done aswell and to stretch my lobe up some more. I rang Trev (my piercer)and he told me that he was unsure about it, because it didn't have the same tissue as a lobe. If I was to push the split piece, it would flatten to my neck. This made us wonder whether it was just fluid inside and if it was pierced it may deflate. So that week I made a Doctors appointment (hey I was taking no risks!!!)When my appointment came I told the doctor what I wanted to know. She sorta sat back looking puzzled before bursting out in hysterical laughter. She thought it was just a big joke, and by this time I was getting pretty pissed off - and showing it. I think she realised that that was the time to come serious. So after all the humiliation, I found out that it was pierceable, so as soon as I got home I made an appontment with Trev for 3:00 that afternoon. So at 2:45 me and Mama got in the car and went down to Acomb. The waiting room was empty so I got straight on with filling the forms in. When I was done he told me to go through and sit on the couch. He asked me what I wanted doing first, so I said that we might as well get the stretch over and done with. That went fine, a little bit of burning as can be expected. I then opted to have the eyebrow done cuz I knew it wouldn't hurt and I am afterall very funny with ear piercings. So that got done with a cute ickl bar - no pain so I was happy with that. The the orbital came. We decided that we wouldn't put it in orbital format just yet and keep it as a normal CBR piercing. I sat towards the end of the bed upright. We decided against anasthetics cuz there wasn't that much there to anaesthatise. He marked the hole, clamped it and put me into a breathing pattern (he always does that - it helps!!!)then the needle went through. Now I won't lie and say it didn't hurt, cuz it did, quite bad actually, I wan't expecting that level of pain - but it was far from unbearable. The worst partwas getting the CBR through, it sorta scraped. Then when we were trying to get the bead on I could feel it pulling and almost tearing quite badly. But after that it was OK. Healing was fine, I cleaned it twice a day with Saline sollution and spun the ring to get rid of crusties. It was a little sore to touch and sleep on for the first few days, but after that it was fine. A week later I went back to Bodyworks to have it flipped into an orbital (the hole linked to a standard lobe piercing in the 'normally formed' part of my ear. We thought we might have to stretch the standard size hole to 1.6 thread. But it was OK and the CBR just slid through. The only fiddly bit was getting the bead on!!! Well there is only one thing left to do... reccomend the studio. I obviously can't to all U Americans, but to anyone up north in England - get to Trev. He has an immaculate studio, certificates (first aid included - an all essential)He has an extensive range of jewelry, offers a brilliant aftercare service and all piercings are done at affordable prices - who could ask for more lol.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Feb. 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Trev+Stone
Studio: Bodyworks+Piercing+Studio
Location: Acomb+-+York+-+England

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