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Neck Surface

I've been into body mods. for quite some time but choose to get mods that are unique and meaningful to myself in some way, hard to explain. Anyhow there was one mod after I saw I knew I had to have. I was at a shop and a girl was having some play surface pierecings done on her back, all the way down starting at about the hairline, she used ELMA creme and didn't seem to care about the pain but there was a lot of blood I noticed. I decided to get 4 surface piercings right below my hair line, I thought it out in detail and thought I should get start with a 14g. We used EMLA cream to num the surface some and I must say THIS STUFF WORKS!. We did this modification at my pierecers house which is very confrontable and I was really that nervous, just nervous about the bleeding to be honest since I was starting out so big gauge wise. We had 4 14g 1 inch bar bells which I knew was going to hurt like hell so I made the decision and spend the money on the product which I was amazed on how well it worked. Anyhow after the cream took effect the process was very simple. I'm not sure what needle my pierecer used but after piercing the jewerly slide in to the hole I guess, I wasen't looking and really couldn't feel to much due to the ELMA cream. The whole process took about an hour to do and it did bleed quite a bit. After it was done I went home and cleaned the piercing which it bleed more. It finally stopped and I went out that night. I spent the night at my girlfriends and when I woke up in the mourning it had bled during the night and soaked the pillow, my girlfriend thought I died in my sleep by the amount that was there. She got up and didn't notice and when she got out of the shower so just yelled OH MY GOD! I washed it that mourning and it hasen't bleed since. After the ELMA creamed wore off it hurt like hell and was sore for a long time. The bottom one rejected finally after a week. I thought 3 looked pretty gay so I waited about a month and had it redone. I was happy that the second time it did not bleed as much. Anyhow I've had them in now for about 6 months and love it. I'm thinking about getting 4 more but don't as the skin gets a lot thicker farther down I would guess the chances of rejection would be higher. If your thinking about getting this modification I would use the ELMA creme for sure and maybe start out with 15g or 16g as the 14g was a little to much for my body I think. One other thing I would like to bring up about this modification to. Like I mentioned the rejection factor is VERY high as with any surface pierecing. My piercer does not own a shop but I am very comfrontable with his work and one of my best friends so make sure you know your pierecer good and he knows the limitations of your body. I was thinking about a 13g but he told me no way it would work and I'm glad because I know that all 4 of my piercings would have been rejected if I would have gone that big. Anyhow this is an awesome modification and does not interfere with anything. It wasen't painful due to the ELMA cream so make sure you have that. To sum up what I said basically about getting such as big g surface pierecing do the following: Know your pierecer Know your bodies limiations Expect to bleed, it will stop trust me Expect it to hurt like hell after the ELMA creme wears off Use ELMA creme or similar FOR SURE! Start with a 15g or 16g or else you might have a big possibilty of rejection. Clean the pierecings often as with any pierecings but with surface piercings it get's infected a lot easier I forgot one more thing also. After you get piereced do not play with them or have people touch until the swelling and soreness has gone down. I think this is what caused my pain after getting it done. The ELMA creme was still on and all my friends were touching it which just made it more sore but I didn't notice. The ELMA creme wears off after about 50 mins but mine lasted well over an hour so I had lots of touching. So make sure to leave it alone and it might not have sucked as much as mine did. Thanks!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Feb. 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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