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Bindi piercing,all they had to do was check!!

My short experience is about a bindi piercing that has now left me scarred for life and at the end of the day if a little bit more time and care was taken this could have probably been avoided. Anyway, I am currently at college in the north of England and have been getting pierced at the local piercing clinic for the past couple of years, all of which have been spot on. Upon returning to college I returned to the shop to find that my usual piercer no longer worked there. The main piercer who was working there had been piercing in the shop for a while so I thought it would be alright for him to do my bindi piercing. At the end of the day he was the main piercer so I thought he would be able to cope and know what was involved, I may have been wrong though. I booked myself in for the piercing which I was allocated a fifteen minute slot. This worried me slightly as you can not rush through piercing someone, but it was a quiet day so they was no one waiting after me which put my mind at rest. What if it was a busy day? What if I had felt slightly faint after the piercing? (which I sometimes do) would they have rushed me out of the shop? Anyway I went into the cubicle to get my new piercing done. It was marked up with two dots, measured to make sure the staple bar I was having put in would fit, clamped and pierced. At this moment I am not sure if it was checked for veins, but according to medical advice it was not. Or if it was it was not done throughly enough. The piercing was done, and I left the shop a proud owner of a new facial piercing. Once it was done it bled for a while but after applying a little pressure on it the bleeding ceased and it seemed okay. After all a little blood is not that unheard of. A few weeks later I found out that my usual piercer had opened his own place so I called in to say Hi and the first thing he commented on was my bindi piercing and the fact that is was no where near straight. I thought it may have been due to a little swelling, but no, it was wonkey. I asked how it should have been done to prevent this from happening and it is not good enough just to go by eye judgement of it being straight. The piercing needs to be exactly central on the face, bang on line with the nose and the middle of the forehead. This should have been done by drawing a rough grid on the head using the nose, eyes and forehead as grid lines thus ensuring the piercing is straight. I thought it could get no worse but I was wrong.......... A small red lump appeared on one end of the piercing so I went back to consult the piercer who did it for me and he told me it was scar tissue and not to worry as it would go away with a bit of tender, loving care. I told him that I had experienced scar tissue build up on my conch piercing once and it was a hard lump, not a red one that looked like it could start bleeding any second. At this point I was not convinced and within a day or so it had grown into what looked like a blood blister. (Gorey bit) It popped, bled a lot and after that it did actually look a lot better although it reqired a lot of looking after to ensure it did not get infected. Very soon it did the same but this time it was far worse so I went to see my piercer (not the one who pierced it) and he advised me to go to the doctors immediately so he could remove it and make sure there was no internal bleeding. I went to the doctors and he removed the piercing for me and got rid of the blisters as best as he could by popping and draining them. This took a while as the channel where the bar had been kept filling up with blood and that needed to be removed to ensure it did not cause further damage especially as the piercing was on my head. Eventually the blood stopped and he said that it was probably pierced through a vein. All this hassel could have been prevented by throughly checking the area before just jabbing a needle through. I have now got two lovely red spots on my forehead which will definately turn into big scars. It is not as though they are even in a discreet place...... For a couple more minutes of checking and lining up the piercing all this could have been avoided and I would still be the proud owner of a bindi piercing. As I have quite a number of facial piercings people are always stopping me in the street to enquire where I got them done? Does it hurt? and so on. I will now tell them where not to go and get pierced. If the scars on my forehead are anything to go by they will take my advice. I can honestly say that I will never set foot in that place again!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Jan. 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Rather+not+say
Studio: Rather+not+say
Location: England

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