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Vertical Bridge @ MadMax Tattoo

Vertical Bridge experience: I am 18 years old guy from Valkeakoski, Finland and I already had 2 labrets in my lower lip and 2 barbells in my right eyebrow when I wanted to take something new. I can say I'm hooked on piercings and nothing seems to be enough. So one day when I was watching BME pages I had a great idea about taking a vertical bridge between my eyebrows. After two months of considerating I decided to make it real. I went to the same place where I had taken all my piercings because I was very satisfied to the result of my other jewelry. So I went to tattoo and piercing studio called MadMax Tattoo, which is located in Tampere, Finland. I wasn't going to take it straight away but I wanted to know the possibilities of it, about the healing process and what kind of jewelry would be the best. Samppa, a real needle wizard and piercer of MadMax, had no experience about vertical bridge but had a great solution to me: he was willing to make a custom made jewel of titanium. So the work started, first the titanium was bend to suit the shape of my skull, then polishing and making the threads. I know that some vertical labrets are made using either straight barbell or bananabell and I think it doesn't work that well. This piece of jewelry that Samppa was going to use eliminates the growing out and looks better 'cause it goes under skin and doesn't make a "bump" between the balls. I decided to come again next week. Next week I arrived to the MadMax and I have to admit that I was a little bit of nervous. I had no idea how long will it take to get it healed or if it's going to get infected. Also the fact that it was going to hurt made my hands shake. I sat on the bench and there was no turning back.

I was very surprised when I realized that it actually didn't hurt as much as my other piercings. Propably it was because the pliers squeezed the skin so tightly. But the needle went almost painlessly through (although I noticed that some extra power was used). One thing that disturbed me a bit was the blood that ran on my cheeks. Yes, it was leaking like hell. I had to press my forehead about an half hour before the bleeding ended. My head started to ache more and more. It started to swell up and after few hours it was quite a mess. I had to eat painkillers to make it little bit better.

Next morning it was even more swollen and red as a rose. It suppurated a lot but cleaning it as many times as possible helped. I don't know was it because of the piercing but I had enormous headache. I feared that I was going to have a black eye but it seemed to be an unnecessary fear. Although it looked nasty I was very satisfied. All the day I was thinking about the healing 'cause my eyebrows were infected when I had them (those were my first piercings so I didn't clean them enough and I touched them with dirty hands). This time I played everything as right as possible: I cleaned my piercing about 4 times per day with disinfectant and tried to avoid touching it. I knew it would be troublesome if it gets infected. I also took my barbells off because I realized that my face looked better without too much metal on it. Couple days of continous cleaning and painkiller eating it was suprisingly fine. Swolling was almost completely gone and it didn't suppurate anymore. I just kept using disinfectant liquids 'cause I didn't want to take any risks. It looked healed but I knew it wasn't that 'cause it was very sensitive while touching it. But few days ago I wouldn't have believed it would look like this. My eyebrows took 2 months (infection slowed healing) and my labrets were swollen 2 weeks so this was complete suprise. Now it's about 3 weeks and I don't use disinfectant anymore, just normal washing with soap. My piercing is better that I could have dreamed. I know that all my thanks belong to the Samppa who really was a right man to do it. The jewel he made is perfect: it goes deep under skin so it isn't going to grow out and and it seems like I have two titanium balls glued on my forehead. Piercing isn't sensitive and doesn't bother me. I don't notice it at all and it feels like it's been there since I've born. So thanks to Samppa who is a real professional (many piercers don't do custom made jewelry). I can recommend vertical bridges to other people (as long as you find a right person to do it).


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Jan. 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Samppa
Studio: MadMax+Tattoo
Location: Tampere%2C+Finland

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