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What have you done now?

To start off i guess i will explain the title for this. In the last three and a half months i guess you could say ive gone a little crazy in the piercing department. I am continously looking for new and more unusual things to get pierced. At first i was surprising people, but after awhile my friends got used to it...until now. I have become a guine(sp)pig for Jason the apprentice at the tatoo/piercing shop i go to and hang out at. Jason is constantly asking me if he can pierce something, and has now done three piercings on me. The first two were verticle nipple piercings. The most recent, is my hand web. I got the idea to pierce my hand web when I was in middle school, befor i even knew it could be pierced. The idea floated in and out of my head all through high school, and dissappered for awhile. That is until two weeks ago. I was hanging out at Trilogy after work one night and looking at the new pictures in Micheal's portfolio and saw a picture of a web that he had done recently. That got the idea back in my head. I didnt think much on it then because i had just gotten four orbitals done in my ear not even a week earlier. Then last friday i was up at the shop talking to a friend of mine that works there, and the discussion came up of what we wanted pierced next. At first i was talking about getting a madison piercing done, but knew i wanted to wait until my ear has had more time to heal, then both of us started talking about getting our web's pierced. I went home that night thinking about it, and couldnt get it off my mind. The next day i woke up, and immediatly started thinking about piercing my web. I started out thinking about doing it myself...since noone was at home, and i had jewelry i could use in it...but the my brain started working and i realized that if i did it myself, i was going to get my ass kicked by alot of people for being stupid. So i quickly left the house. I had plans to go out with friends that nigh, since it was the first saturday night i had had off in a long time, but got stood up. I went to drop something off to one of the tattoo artist at trilogy, and as soon as Jason saw me the first thing out of his mouth is "do you want anything pierced?" I was like Yeah...and told him what i wanted done. He said he would ask Micheal when he got in. So i left to go ewat and came back latter that night. When i got back, both Jason and Micheal looked at my hand to make sure that it could be pierced safley. After Micheal took care of some other customers, Jason went and set up for my piercing, and another girl that he was "practicing" on. For some reason i got to go first, and the fun began. When i got back into the room, Jason/Micheal both looked thru the web with a pin light to see where veins where, and then felt where the tendon was by pinching it. After they determined about where to pierce it, Jason marked it on both sides. By this time i was getting extremely nervous, which is very unusual for me to do. I was actually scared for a few mins. When Jason was done poking and proding, and reminding me that he hadnt done this befor, and picked up the neddle i turned my head, and made myself breath. He told me to take a breath in, and i felt the neddle go in. I felt it go past my tendon, and i gasp and gritted my teeth...This piercing HURT. I would say it is the most painful of all the other piercings ive gotten(except for the four orbitals in one sitting) He cleaned me up, and told me how to clean it, and i went back out front to smoke a cigerette. My hand was throbbing the rest of the night, and i had to learn how to do alot of things with out my thumb. I took naproxen that night for the swelling, and befor i went to bed i soaked it in hot salt water. The next day it still hurt alot. When i got up i soaked it again, and that seemed to loosen my hand up and take away some of the throbbing. My dad had been out of town for the weekend, and came back that day and i had to pick him up. I knew that he would freak if he saw it so i intentionaly wore a long sleeve shirt pulled down over my hand. Thankfully this isnt very uncommon of a thing for me to do. Its been almost a week now, and he hasnt seen it yet, and seeing as it took him over two weeks to finally notice my orbitals, i really dont think he will notice my hand. Work has been an interesting thing. I work at a coffeeshop, and use my hands all day. I have had to beg the shift sups. not to make me do dishes, and have been hiding it somewhat from my manager. So far so good on that one. I dont think she would have a problem with it, but i know my district manager will.

Hopefully everything will continue to go well with my web piercing, but if it doesnt i wont have a problem taking it out. I went into this knowing that it is a very impratical piercing for me, and that it would either migrate, or because of work, or kayaking(my passion other than piercings) that i would not be able to keep it. Now that i have it, i know i will miss it if it is gone, but i have finally done something that ive thought about for along time. And I have finally surprised people that i didnt think anything would surprise.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Jan. 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Jason+F
Studio: Trilogy
Location: Memphis

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