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i did it for the experience

I just had to send you in my experince with getting my scrumper pierced,but first i will tell you a little about myself.I am 19 year old male who lives in Cork ,Ireland(yes i know most of you have never heard of cork but it does exist) I have had around 9 different piercings done and Maurice has done most of them,i have a vertical and horizontal piercing in my left nipple and one in my right,i have my tongue pierced,i have had my belly button done as well as a small surface piercing done above my belly button and i have had my nose done twice as well. So lets get on with the story. I went into Maurice asking him about getting a tongue web done but Maurice wasnt sure if he would be able to do it safely so he said he wouldn't do it but he then asked me if i would be interested in getting my scrumper pierced,so i had a little think and said what the hell,so we decided on a time and a date and it was all set. I was a small bit stressed about getting it done as it has never been done in cork before by any piercer and everyone i talked to told me i was crazy to be getting it done by someone that has never done it before,but i have all the confidence in the piercer as he has always told me what he can do and what he cant do safely,so i still said i was gonna do and not back down. I had school the day i was getting it done (which was shit as it was my first day back afetr the holidays and i got in shit in every class)and after it was over i had to go down for my appointment which i was looking forward to the pain after the day i was having.My appointment was at 4.45 and the shop was empty except for one of the tattoo artist that works in the shop,a girl which i think was the piercers girlfriend and a friend of mine who came up with me as everyone else i know ,taught it was sick to be getting it pierced(cheers Dave for coming,you big pain freak). I went in and we had a little chat about how we were gonna pierce it and what jewelry we were gonna use.He wasnt really sure how he was gonna do it but he had an idea but i had read an experience here on BME which said that it was pierced using a bent needle and he had heard the same so we did that.Next we had to decide on the jewelry and i had to end up choosing an 18 gauge/1.024mm barbell,because i work as a waiter in a restaurant i cant put a ring in there as i dont think that the customers would be to happy to see it as most of the people i serve are up-tight,stuck up bastards who would more than likely try and get me fired. We had to decide that he would have to pierce it free hand as the line of skin was too small to clamp with the clamps he had there in the shop(i'm not sure if u can get clamps that small),after he lined up the needle he slowly pushed it through and it toke him a while to do it as he had to do it straight or he could really fuck it up,and i have to say that it was the most least painfull piercing i have ever gotten but it was the most awkward by far,as i had to hold my lip up myself because there was no one else there that would of been able to do it and my arms were really starting to hurt after a while from holding them up so in the air so long. When he had inserted the bar-bell it was a relief and it was another little while till he had it screwed on properly and we shook hand's at a job well done and a new page in piercing in my area.He explained the after-care to me and told me to avoid alcohol(shit) and oral sex(bigger shit) and stuff like that for a while and to use watered down mouthwash to avoid my mouth from drying out from it been too strongly concentrated for the new piercing. I now have the first scrumper done in cork and one of the few to my knowledge done in Ireland and i love it ,i have only had it in for 5 days but it seems to be healing very well and i will hopefully have it for a long time more to come but it is one of my favourite piercings and if it rejects i am gonna get it re-done straight away! If u would like to know anything about getting the piercing, feel free to e-mail me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Jan. 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Maurice
Location: Cork%2CIreland

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