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My Anti-Tragus

e the trains only runs at random times in NYC on Sundays me and my friend were stuck there for 7 hours. You'd think there would be stuff to do, but after the first 2 hours we were bored. We passed by this piercing place on St. Marx where a bunch of our friends had gotten stuff done there. I've been questionable for a while whether I trust some of the piercing placing in the city or not. Some people have great things to say about them, and other times I've heard horror stories. I've been thinking about getting my anti-tragus done for quite some time. I really wanted my lower lip done, but I also knew if I got that I would have no place to live afterward. So I had to settle on my ear, because my mother wouldn't flip out on me so much. About a year ago, I got two cartilege piercings in my left ear done. The first one healed fine, but the second one got so infected I almost had to go to the hospital. After that my mother said if I ever get anything pierced again, she would kick me out of the house. So I decided, after walking around the block about 10 times that I would get my anti-tragus done. I knew what I wanted because I've wanted it since I saw it. One of my friends would always wear her earrings flipped up into her lower conch. The way it layed there it looked like she had her anti-tragus pierced, but she really didn't. I had never seen anybody with the real thing done, so I decided to be a first, at least of the people I know. So anyway, we walked in and there were two girls in front of us who were going to get their navel's done. Since they were scared they let me go first. I went in, and suprisingly was not that nervous. I sat down on the little piercing bed/chair thing and the girl starts to do the usual rubbing alcohol, cleansing thing. She marks where it's going to be and I can't even think about that I'm actually doing this. Thoughts of my mother screaming at me cloud my mind. But I still sit there waiting to be pierced. The girl who was piercing me was telling me how she was recovering from a bad hangover from the night before. That was a comforting moment. I replied to her in a sarcastic tone how that made me feel. She got kind of pissed off, and said how that would not effect her piercing ability. I had to trust her. I was paying her to stick a needle and a piece of metal through my ear. She started to pierce me, and it hurt like hell. To get the thought of pain out of my head, I started saying "ow, ow, ow, ow, ow" repeatedly. She then told me to shut up because I was annoying her and I was going to scare the two girls waiting. But it was over. I walked out and the two girls who were already nervous, were even more so because of my incessive "owing". They asked if I had gotten my navel done. I told them no, it really was not as bad as it sounded. I don't think that comforted them. After I got out of there, my ear was throbbing, but it was ok because I got something I've wanted for a while. By the end, I didn't care what my mother thought. It was done, and there was nothing she could do about it. I've been with two different people at the times of their piercings and both of them passed out. So, naturally I was scared I was going to pass out when walking out of there. So across the street I bought a bottle of fruit punch or some other sugar filled drink, and started feeling comforted again. Nothing happened when my mother found out. She got pretty annoyed and made a few rude comments during that week. But for the past 5 months she has said nothing. At one point I thought it was infected, so I went back to where I got it pierced and had the piercer on hand check it out. He said it looked good, actually that it was healing quite nicely. He also noticed the tapers in my ears and decided to shove one of them up to make it even with the other, but that's another story in itself. I went home satisfied again knowing that it was not infected. Though a couple weeks ago I think it got infected because I aggrevated it from cleaning it too much. But it is healed now, and I hope to change the earring to something less aggrevating.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Location: NYC

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