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the fourth coming of NAPE dogg!

dnt exactly tell you when it came about, maybe a week or so before i went through with it. there i was sitting in brians piercing room, just staring at the wall, looking at all the colorful images of body mods that cover them. i like to sit in his room when i get bored in the shop(i work as the tattoo apprentice), anyway...there it was, the most wonderfully beautiful set of surface piercings i've ever seen...the spinal ladder! i had to have it, the symmetry, the talent and structure involved, like i said...i had to have it. so i start thinking, i want it, but am i to much of a wuss to go through with it? it was on a sunday that i decided to get it done, i wasnt at work so i couldnt just jump into the chair at that very second as much as i wanted to. so i get on the phone with brian, i asked if he'd be willing to commit to something that would take that long(he asked me the same), and after chatting for awhile we decided to start it on monday. i went through the rest of sunday on edge, not because i was nervous...but, because i had never been this excited about a piercing before. i've recieved other piercings, but those were spur of the moment type deals, nothing i had to be this committed to.

anyway, the day finally arrived(even though it was only like a 24 hour wait), and was excited and ready to go. i got into the shop and immediately started to bother brian "why dont you go set up your station" and "wanna do it now" things like that, im sure i became quite annoying. well, after discussing it a bit further we decided to start with a simple nape, it would start the ladder, and brian wanted to see how well i healed it before he started putting in surface bars two at a time. i agreed, it would be better for me to learn the aftercare and whatnot with one, as oppose to having a whole back full of infected spine piercings because i didnt take the time to learn my shit before i started. now it was about 5:00, and brian had set up his station while throwing in little comments like..."your not gonna do it" and"your gonna cry,and im gonna laugh", it was okay though, i know its just his way of loosening up his clients, making them feel comfortable and not think about whats about to happen. there i was...in the chair, brian had marked my neck and was now putting the clamps on me, i could feel my body go numb as he started to line up the needle with the marks. i kept breathing normally, and then came the moment..."take a deep breath in, hold it...and blow out real hard", i could feel the pressure of the needle going in...and the prick of it coming out. he took of the clamps and i felt his gloves on the back of my neck, and then he said..."thats it". thats it i thaught to myself! that was nothing, i mean sure it priked a little, but no major pain...and i didnt feel light headed or sick as i thaught i would...i was fine. i stood up as soon as brian said i could and ushed to a mirror, and let me just say...it was the greatest, most beautiful mod thing ive ever seen/recieved in my entire(little)life. i was soooooooo happy with it(and still am)that i cant describe it. well, its been two weeks since then and the nape looks great(though it was VERY sore and it was hard to sleep for a couple days), ive been following all the care instructions brian gave to me, and ill be adding the next two pieces to my ladder in two to three weeks, and just like the first time...i cant wait. i want to thank brian for taking the time to make me knowledgable enough on it to understand what i was doing, and how i was going to have to care for it...and for just being a good friend. i would also like to thank all of you reading this for taking the time to share in this most wonderful experiance with me, just remeber...before you decide to do ANY type of body modification, make sure your artist knows his shit and is willing to take the time to sit down with you and discuss whats about to happen and any other info you may need to know(i learned that the hard way over my 4 years of being modified). other than that...have fun, and be safe - lazyrockstar


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: brian+decker
Studio: turnpike+tattoo+and+body+piercing
Location: meriden%2C+ct

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