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playing a game...

t... i think i'm calmed down right now... So I'm sitting here... with this.... weird feeling THING sticking in my arm. my wrist really.... Wait; here.... i'll back up a little so you understand it all... So I'm at the mall with my friend Andrew... and we're just sorta walking by all of the stores since we're both almost broke as hell [how is it possible to be FORCED to buy christmas presents for your parents? what's wrong with MAKING their gifts??] and we go by this one place where everyone is automatically your friend- they aren't just doing their jobs, they are being themselves- and they're all so awesome just because of that... so i say "we have to go in there! i know this one guy that's cool enough to pierce us wherever he knows how to... he's like............ in piercing school or SOMETHING like that... come on" so we go in the store and it turns out he isnt working today... so we leave and about an hour later im sitting on my floor after my sister yelling at me for 20 minutes. there's this certain VIBE about her that just pisses me off for no reason whatsoever... anyways- back to my floor.... so i'm sittin there... and usually i like to do something physical to my body to let others know how i'm feeling inside [i don't think they've caught on to this message yet though...]. i'm looking around for something to do and i see my white box. sounds a little overdramatic right now but it's not... my white box holds all of my sewing pins, needles, seam rippers [i dont know if that's what theyre called... but that's what i call it... i does what i call it... rips the seam out of something], and safety pins. ooo, aaaaa, yea- anyways. enough with the "fascination". it's a soap box. i mean... come on. it can't be THAT cool. the next thing i know im choosing a color of the ball i want stuck in my body. i decided i'd choose this pretty orangish-amber color. i take it out and put a pot of water on the stove. (alright- this is the way i've figured it over the years... when you try to sterilize a needle [or pin in this case] with a match, it leaves ashes, and those have ALWAYS irritated my piercings... so one day i thought "people always say boil things kills jerms. i may as well TRY it"... been doin it ever since) so the waters boiling... i stick my sewing pin in... boil it... take it out... clean it off... laid it on my "special area" (really just a designated spot on the counter where i've forbidden anyone to put anything down on)... and washed my hands [with soap of course]. i got a mental image of how my insides were feeling, and i thought "blood rush through me" (everyone has their own rituals, this is mine)... the next thing i know the blood is rushing through my arms... and i figure that since i'm not to skillful with my left hand, ill use my right hand... the next thing is all sorta of confusing and not at the same time- gives me a rush just thinkin about it..... hehehe anyways.... i pick up my sewing pin... make sure i've got a good grip on it... and put it up to my forearm (i guess you call it that... it's between my wrist and my elbow... so uhhh... yea).. i took my own ritualistic hesistance before the piercing- thinking of what i stood for, and what i was doing it for... i looked down, clenched my fist as tight as i could, and stuck the pin into my skin. that feeling of sharp metal slicing through my body, so familiar yet so distant... before i know it... the needle is all the way through. i figured that i wouldn't keep this piercing in, even if i DID have a barbell or ring to put in it... so i pulled the pin out slowly- so that it wouldn't be as painful... i threw it in the trashcan... ate some easy mac (yes- i eat easy mac. yes- it is good. yes- you can kiss my ass if you have any objections. im bending over right now.), and now i'm sittin here explainin it to you... i know what i did was dangerous, but note the fact that i do have a little bit of experience, both sterile and non-sterile, in almost all environments... no i do NOT deny that i pierce other, and no i do NOT support piercings other if you have no clue what you're doing. If you have any questions or comments or regards or what not, you can just email me at [email protected] just say that you're from bme so that i know you arent an IMP stalker. anyways- later....


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: self-done
Studio: home
Location: houston%2C+tx

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