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I did it myself

t, so i did all my own //but trust me, I'm not here to advicate self piercing methods. It is true that I am a faithfull lunatic who has on more than one occasion had that sudden urge to do something, you know EXACTLY what i'm talking about. The sudeen burst of energy to like go get something done and you won't feel better until you do. BUT don't reach for the needle! iIt can lead to embarassing mistakes! TRUST ME! I first pierced my nose with a needle and a safety pin when i was younger. Then i moved to madonnas and labrets. All which were semi-sucesses, i mean they did get to look better after a few MONTHS, BUT here's one that i will NEVER be stupid enough to do at home again : BRIDGE OF THE NOSE. SO here i go having a great time pulling the neddle through, you know with the fantastic home sanitation techniques of spit and alchohol, I went to work at getting my bridge done DAMMIT! SO i did it, out in a state of the art Clairs FAshion Ear Stud with the wierd backing and all in my bridge. SO i'm cool for a few days , you know showing of my technotronic piercing, when i decied to put some PROPer jewelry in, so i spulge and by a 18'g 3/8 to put in. I got it through one side , but i still needed to stretch the other side of my nose out so i could connect it, when i noticed that i could no longer see the end of the barbell. in fact, all i see is my nose. Frustrated, i start jamming the barbell around aimlessly trying to find the other side of my nose when i feel this wierd feeling, like i just did something i shouldn't. Well I was stil pissed that the damm barbell wouldn't get to the other side, so i grabed a ear stud and started diggin it around looking for the other side of the barbell. well, i never do connect the thing, so i go tired and went to sleep. Waking up the next day for a fun day of college finals, i notice that not only am i crusted and gross, but my face is totally CHIPMUNKED OUT. I was CRAZY looking. I swelled up so fast , my one eye wouldn't open, the other look all chinese, and i was this big flat nosed weirdo. OH THE HORROR as i walked through the halls of Metro State Denver and the people who usuall shy away form my normal unswelled faced now cowered in to the walls when i passed holding crucifixes and screaming "DIABLO!" OH how embarassing was that..not as embarassing as it was at work telling customers for two days after my swelling insident that i was in a car accident and hit my face on the windshield. I go tips and buisness cards form attourneys, but no POON TANG IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. SO don't do it! UNless you know what your doing! Make piericngas as beautiful as they are ment to be and get a professional to do it! Man, I just got rousted for the lenghtof this so i'll blab on. Well i can tell you about my crazy self labret experience. Kay, so i was getitng that wierd felling agian , and i was decied then i woul dstart playing aorund with my makeup, you know something to pass the time. OS i'mm makeing my face differnet, drwing on difernteyerbows and stuff, when I think I need my lip pierced. SO out come that same safety pin, spit and alcohol..and of i wnet. I started poking around, then i finally pushed it through about thiry seconds after i started. SO i went aourng stretching the hoel , then i put in a regular earing in and boy di di think i was too COOL. So here i was having a nice ife witha lip percing, everyday smiling, laughin, eating, doing those things that require lip and mouth movement, all the while pushing slowly , the earing in to my lip . Now remeber, i used a regular earlobe stud you get form the three pak at Claires, so the back of it was those little circle things on the flat base. So after like a month, i notice, HEY! I CAN"T FIND THE BACK OF THE EARING! ITS STUCK IN MY MOUTH! AHHHHH!!!!! SO i was sweating it big time, OH shit i'm going to walk around with a damm cheap thing in my lip forever..and even worse, the glued "jewel" just fell of the front of it, so it this wierd gray metal flat circle in my mouth for eternity!. THen i finally just seid screw this, got my tweezers out and started digging around the inside of my lip searching for the lost earing. I was staring to get scared, then i found it, deep in my lip, but i couldn't pull it out from the back, it was totally jammed. SO i had to then push it then pull it our from the front of my mouth..well, needless to say, i didn't need to streigh my hole to get it into a 14g after that, the hole was pretty much a crater now. But its better. I have about fifty bucks more in my pocket from doing it mysef, but who knows what would happen if the excavation didn't work . AHH!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: me
Studio: my+bedroom
Location: Denver%2C+CO

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