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I didn't mind it was free...

kicking back with a few friends, one of which was a guy named Landon.. Landon and I had gone to high school together, he was odd but he knew that. Landon was a piercer, course if I remember he only had one in his ears. He was kind of punk rock, and was well liked for the most part. He worked as a piercer in our little town of bend, and I had gone there a few times for jewelry, and some ear stretching.. One day Landon told me he was going to have a radio station in the shop for some advertising and what not, and would I like to be pierced on the radio.. He offered me a free piercing if I did.. Well I believe in paying for quality with piercing, but I figured it was someone I knew so it was a great idea. I jumped at the chance. It was scheduled for April first, fitting I thought, and I was supposed to pick a piercing for him to do.. Well it was earlier that week I had been talking about getting something new done with my brother and he said why don't you pierce the web of your hand.. Since he had said that I was giving it alot of thought, so that is what I decided I would let Landon pierce on the radio.. I let him know and he informed me he had not done one of those before which he liked the idea of his first time being on air, and so it was planned that April first he was going to pierce my web at like 8am.. I got there at 7 or so that morning and we chatted while the radio guys set up, we got to watch the girl DJ pierce her navel on the air, and I was getting kind of excited. I love the nervousness you get in your tummy when you are waiting around for it to be your turn to get pierced.. I made my brother go with me for company. It was my turn, and I was way nervous.. I sat down and the guy DJ there asked why would I get that done, I told him, because I had not seen one done and I thought it would suite me.. It was kind of funny, my father works for the station that was in the shop that day and so the crew was giving my dad a hard time on air. Landon prepped and cleaned my hand, and then it was time, he kept saying are you ready and I was like um.. yea sure. Finally he pierced it, after a few pretend starts, and I was suprised that it really didn't hurt to me as much as I thought it would. I actually had an ear ring that hurt 10 times more. and it was sore don't get me wrong, but I loved it. I always like the woozy adrenaline feeling you get when you are done. so I thanked him, and my brother and I left simple as that. Later that day I had to drive back to the college I was attending and it occurred to me it was kind of tender, but I was expecting that. I was looking forward to showing my friends at school.. I got to OSU and I was walking around talking to my friends, and they were kind of picking on me.. They are fairly conservative people and thought it was just plain "weird". I was washing it like he said, and doing everything I thought I was supposed to, but it was a week or two and didn't look any better. I didn't expect it to be perfect, but I thought it wouldn't look like I just got it done, which it did.. So I was getting concerned it was infected.. I waited a few more weeks and it was getting worse and worse.. It would make my whole hand throb and ache. I asked around to some people I knew would be able to help and they said I should take it out, but not when it was infected.. Of course I always think to myself, if you are going to wait until its not infected you might as well leave it in, but I could tell this was not going to get better. I remember finally taking it out, due to orders from my doctor, around mid may and it was not fully healed until December. The doctor said it was cause other health problems in me and advised me to take it out as soon as I could. I do miss it, even though I only7 had it for like a month and a half, but I hope I can get it again someday.. I have a scar now where it was and so I can show my brother the scar and say, "remember when we did that?" It is a good memory, and I am not sorry I did it, I am sorry I didn't have someone who had done it before do it, then I might have it still today. I also am not opposed to paying for my piercing as it turns out the best things are not always free in my book... ~chelsea


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Landon
Studio: Perma+derma%2C
Location: Bend%2C+Oregon

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