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Chin Piercing in bible belt Canada

y screen name is Vodin and i have 00 gauge earlobes plus have had septum and lubret pierced and currently have about thirteen tattoos and plan on more and plan on more piercings also,It all started when i was looking thru some of the pictures here on BME and seen a man with a ring thru his chin I personally didnt like the ring but I thought I would like a barbell or such since i have begun to modify myself slowly and plan a great deal more so with that i did alot more research here on BME till I could find no more to read up on at that i began to ask around the area here in Saskatchewan for who may have done something similar before much to my surprise not one piercer i could find had and several shops refused to do it at all in all this I had spoke with my sister who had gone to Tattoo Caravan for her navel and the side of her nose and she spoke highly of Rick the artist. I went to about six different shops in the area and talked with about ten different artists and finally decided on Tattoo Caravan because Rick was open to my suggestions and comments and concerns, some of my concerns were healing time for this type which is said to be 4-6months,facial nerves and blood vessels which there are few in the chin area that will permanently be damaged but there may be some nerve loss around chin for a short period,and my most important was that they autoclaved and did spore testing on there autoclave which amazingly is not the norm around here alot of piercers think that bacterial washes are sufficient, Rick and I set up an appointment and were ready to role if we both felt comfortable. So i went in early aft on a Saturday and talked with the Rick about the reseach he had done and healing times and such, he made me feel much more at ease for he had done a fair bit of research on this piercing for the norm in Sask is eyebrow and such this is pretty wierd and that is one of the things that attracted me to it even though this is the bible belt of the world (personal opinion) I asked about topical freezing since every body artist has different views on the subject and his belief is that freezing is mostly mental and would be of little to no benifit so we opted against it (found a bullet to bite cause im a wimp at heart). He sat me down and dotted where the piercing would enter and exit and double checked with me that it was where i wanted it, it was perfect, then he clamped just below the bottom lip and below the crest of the chin which was a bit uncomfortable but needed to be tight due to it could slip and that would bite, I took a few deep breaths and it was over he slid the needle in without me hardly noticing then screwed the barbell ends on quickly and it was over, through all this Rick joked around and made light of all my concerns to make me feel more at ease which helped greatly Now a week later the piercing is almost pain free and the slight swelling has gone down, there was little bleeding so very few scabs to clean away even though I still bath it in a sea salt solution 3-4 times a day and apply bactine once a day and polysporine once a day (I have had great results with poly and streching my lobes in the past) I am currently letting my beard grow for a month or so till it starts to heal more because a razor + new piercing just doesn't sound wise. I currently have to be a little carefull with sleeping position but luckily I mostly sleep on side but can be a little painfull on front. Well that is my story I would say it is my easiest piercing/tat experience but would also say think hard for it is very visable to the public and much to our(modified) dismay we get judged on the way we look as i found out a few days later when i was verbaly berated because I must be a satanist for having a chin piercing and 00 gauge lobes and my 13+ tattoos, so think long and hard for this and other things we do unfortunatly will be judged luckily im also a tattooist and can get away with it! (my father freaked and im 32) so think well and hard for this decision took me a long time to come to. Good Luck. Vodin


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Dec. 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Rick
Studio: Tattoo+Caravan
Location: Regina%2CSaskatchewan%2CCanada

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