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the birth (and death) of my self inflicted madison

rth (and death) of my self inflicted madison. i've always enjoyed piercing myself. i'm more comfortable doing it myself, than having someone on the other end of the needle. of everything i've ever had done (17 in all, i'm guessing) i did all but 2 myself. i got bored one day, and decided i wanted to try doing a surface piercing. i had never done one before, so i wanted the experience. i think the first time i saw a madison was here on BME, actually. it seemed pretty cool to me. i never wear necklaces, so my neck was pretty plain. i wanted something so spice it up a little, i guess. i liked them ever since i had seen them, but never gave it much of a thought, due to the high rejection/migration rate. but as i said, i was bored, so i figured the best that could happen would be that it would heal up, and if not, i can take it out and i'll just have a little scar. no big deal. so i gathered up my stuff (14g needle, 14g 5/8" curved barbell, forceps, triple antibiotic cream, ruler (to help mark the spot), and a sharpie) and headed for the bathroom. i ditched my shirt, washed my hands and the area to be pierced. i took the sharpie and the ruler, and drew a vertical line about 2 inches long from my neck, and down between my collarbones. it took me a couple tries to get it perfectly centered. when i was happy with the line, i crossed it with the ruler and made 2 marks that went about even with the tops of my collarbones. i went out about 4/16" on each side of the vertical line to leave a little slack so it wouldn't pinch when i moved, and easier cleaning. i gave it a final look, and everything seemed good. i washed my hands again, and took the needle out of the package, put a small amount of the triple antibiotic cream on it (helps the needle slide through easier), and laid it on a paper towel along with the barbell. i grabbed my foreceps, and folded the skin along the vertical line. (not only does it help with the markings, it also helps with putting the foreceps on.) i got the dots centered in the foreceps, and grabbed the needle. with the needle lined up and ready to go, i took a second to guess what it might feel like. the only way to find out was to do it. i gave it one more look, to make sure the needle was on target. using a mirror can be tricky sometimes. all was good, so i went for it. burned a tiny bit. no worse than getting an ear piercing if you ask me. with the needle through, i removed the foreceps. they only allow for a 5mm ball to pass through, and the barbell i was using had 6mm balls. i grabbed the barbell, placed it in the end of the needle, and carefully pushed the needle out with the barbell. i screwed the ball on, and my madison was born. i washed the markings off my neck and took a minute to admire my new decoration. it was picture perfect. i gave myself a pat on the back, and cleaned up. it's funny... i live in a small town, so there aren't too many other people here who are into bod mods. i got a lot of questions from people about my madison. people reactions were interesting. some thought it was pretty cool, some thought it was mediocre, and some thought it was downright strange. i could care less what people say, though, as i am doing this for myself, and no one else. i did the normal aftercare routine, washing it with antibacterial soap twice a day. after a few weeks, the crusties seemed to be building up MORE than they had before. i thought that maybe it was slightly infected, so i kept up the cleaning for another week and a half or so. still no luck. one morning when i was cleaning it, i noticed that there was some scar tissue on the outer sides of the holes. my baby was migrating. nooooo. i kept it for about one more week, and then said my goodbyes (i get attached to my piercings sometimes), and took it out. that was the death of my madison. now all that remains are a couple small scars which are her grave. so sure, maybe i should have used a surface barbell. but none of the shops around here carry them normally, and it was a snap decision from the beginning anyway. oh well. it was fun while it lasted.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Dec. 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: gravity+wins+again
Studio: my+bathroom%2Fstudio
Location: my+house

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