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My monroe didn't swell !

two weeks ago I got my monroe pierced. Actually it was on Thanksgiving Day. I had wanted it done for a few months but I only wanted a 20 gauge. I really didn't care actually what gauge it was I just wanted the ball to be really small. I personally think monroes are ugly on most people when the use a standard 16 gauge labret stud, they are to big and tacky. So anyways joe had to look around for a small one and it took a while. He eventually just got a 16 gauge nose stud (the ones with the little curve on the inside)that had a really small ball. So then we planned for turkey day to do it. GOOD IDEA!When I got home my family was over and they have never seen any of my piercings(except the people I live with). They were pretty shocked but I expected that. I went to Joe's house (ya I know it says Royal Oak Tattoo but hes my friend and does it for the cost of the jewlery at his house)with my friend Tanisha. I wasn't nevous because Joe is awsome and he did all of my piercings. So he did it, and Tanisha was all grossed out and asked me the most annoying question of all,"Did that hurt?". Sometimes I want to were a sign on my head that says,"No it did not hurt, yes my hair color is permanent, have a nice day!".So no big deal I was out the door. When he did it he left room for it so swell so everytime I smiled it would push against my gums and stick out. After 6 days this really started to annoy me so I called him and told him I wanted it shortened. It never swelled from the actual piercing. It only swelled because at the bar I smile alot and everytime it would stick out I would push it back in so the next day it was swollen. This was after about 5 days. So I went to his work to get it shortened on the 6th day and it sucked so bad. He took it out and shortened itthen he put the clamps on to get it back in ( remember this bar has almost a 90 degree curve in it). I never screamed his name so loud. As soon as the clamps we on puss and blood poured out of it. As soon as he took them off my lip was huge! So he took them off and tried but my lip was to swollen and he could not get it in. Then he said,"I told you it was to fucking early but no one wants to listen to me. I don't know anything!" He was mad. He never got it in because I was such a baby. He made it back to original lenght and still could not get it in. So I shoved it in OWCH! I recommened to any one LISTEN to your piercer please! This was more painful than any piercing or tattoo. I left and almost felt violated or as I had just got out of the dentist. After the swelling went down it healed fine. I only washed it once a day with soap and water and before I went to bed did a salt water soak. The skin on the outside got really dry so I use a tiny bit of non-fragranced, mild mild mild face lotion. That seemed to work good for me. I like the nose stud because there is less of the piercing rubbing up against my gums. The only thing that bothered me was get it caught under my teeth. Anyone in the Detroit area should go see Joe. He really hot too! Yumm! Let me tell ya about him. He has 4 tongue piercings, labret, scrumper, a barbell through the top side of his dick(I don't know what its called!), 5 surface piercings down each side of his rib cages and I think thats about all. I don't know exactly how long he has been piercing but I think he went through a year apprenticeship. Now I love my monroe and I think it looks great. Now I don't know what I want next but this did not hurt at all and I recommend it for anyone who wants a nice, not so played out piercing. All together my healing time was about 4 weeks. It may have even been shorted if i would not have fucked with it so early. It must have been really mad at me i guess! But actually all of my piercings heal alot faster than the average time so I would give it about 6 weeks.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Dec. 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Joe
Studio: Royal+Oak+Tattoo
Location: Royal+Oak+%28Near+Detroit%29

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