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It started with a Madison...

t even remember when I saw my first Madison... Just that the idea has been implanted in my head for several years now, just waiting for the right moment. Perhaps it was the rarity value that attracts me; I had my first eyebrow piercing eight years ago, way before every other kid on the street, in clubs and McDonalds, had them, but despite that I have always kept both eyebrow piercings (the second followed a couple of years later) because, well, they're me. A few years passed, and then I ran into Nettie, now running her own bodypiercing studio in Essex and the idea of the Madison surfaced again, so one Saturday, as a change from the teenage navels and eyebrows (yep, they're everywhere), we did it, a BCR with a blue jewel in it, and I was more than chuffed with it. I should have known it wouldn't stop there. For the next piercing we went for the top of my left wrist, which was certainly unusual (especially when I would stretch my hand out for change in petrol stations!), but proved to be a little too much trouble. I have long hair and found that I would constantly catch it when drying my hair. Fortunately Nettie had used PTFE, which is just as well as I would have ripped a metal bar straight through my skin on several occasions - when I did eventually remove it the PTFE bar was banana shaped where I'd caught it so many times. So, sticking with what I know, we went for a second Madison, approximately half an inch above the first - centrally placed on the neck, but I had other ideas. Having seen the infamous picture of the girl with a corset piercing down her back (and being disappointed when I found it was only done for the photo), the idea of that sort of modification took root. The original idea was to have a double row of piercings down my forearm, but the presence of veins under the skin deterred us from that (and me thinking I didn't have any blood!). The idea of doing a corset piercing down my throat struck Nettie and I at the same time (while in McDonalds if you want the full scene), and after talking it over at some length, that's what we did. Although the back piercing was beautiful, being a show off I wanted something I could display when I wanted, and my back isn't that wonderful that I want to draw attention to it. I now have two rows of four piercings each side, running from around an inch or so below my collarbone,, about an inch and a half apart. We picked total of eight because six wouldn't give the right effectwhen laced up with ribbon, and not ten because I wasn't that confident of having all ten done at once. Eight was enough, believe me, but it all went incredibly smoothly and the alignment is perfect. It was the corset piercing Nettie had done, and I think it took as much courage on her part as it did on mine. I admit that I had the eight piercings done after a long day involving a lengthy drive and three and a half hours of tattooing, and I don't recommend that anyone tries to subject their body to that sort of ordeal. Fortunately I seem to be a fairly tough bunny (either that or unfeeling!) and didn't go into shock, although being fed tea and chocolate afterwards probably helped. It normally does in most situations! Like all surface piercings it has taken its time to settle down; as with the Madisons, there is a great deal of tension on the skin there, and I soon learned how to sneeze without it hurting. Too much. I also made an effort to sleep on my back for a while - on my side my chest (being quite well upholstered!) hunched together and that did the piercings no favours. Of course I was concerned about the possibility of scarring after rejection (and I do have to accept these will reject eventually, although my first Madison is eight months old and holding fine), but I suspect that if it does reject then I will have it redone anyway. I think it looks beautiful laced up with very thin ribbon, with the ends tucked through the lower Madison. It certainly attracts attention in Tescos and on the train,although of course it does have the advantage that I can drape a scarf round my shoulders and hide it when I really can't face the stares and questions (you must all know this one - if I had a pound for every time I've been asked 'Did it hurt?' I would be typing this on a goldplated Mac from my beach villa in the Carribean!). Oh, and I now have the biggest collection of different coloured ribbons and low cut tops in the world. And my mum still doesn't know about it...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Dec. 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Nettie
Studio: Mettle+Nettle
Location: Chelmsford%2C+Essex%2C+UK

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