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Did someone say elbow piercing?

first thought about getting a mod, i didn't think much of it. i mean, getting your lobes pierced was a mod. but i thought past that... way past that. At the moment i have 3 piercings. to be specific, 3 elbow piercings. It all started when I first got into highschool 2 years ago i found out that this 16 year old guy (now 17) owns his own tattoo shop and somehow, that got me interested in body mods. And plus, everyone had their ears pierced. Now if you look around my school, there are many people with mods. (labrets, tattoos, stretched lobes, hafadas, some PAs etc..) Now this was rad. I had always thought about getting something done, but i just couldnt figure out what. through trial and error, i found that surface piercings were the most interesting to do. i experimented on my ears, knuckles (triple knuckles on left hand), face (anti-eyebrow, labret, monroe) and finally, i went onto my elbow. the first time i pierced my elbow was about 3 months ago and it was out of boredom. i pierced my elbow about 7 times before actually keeping something in the holes. about 2 weeks later, i decided i was gonna keep my piercings. Do you know that it is very hard to pierce something with only one hand and nothing to clamp or hold the skin in place while you're trying to pierce? i found this out the hard way and had to improvise. i held my left arm out straight in front of me, clamped it with a paper holder, marked where i was going through, grabbed a safety pin and poked. it felt like someone pinching me lightly, and it hurt more when the pin was going out of my skin rather than going out. it was done it about 20 seconds and it looked awesome. i just closed the safety pin and moved my arm. good job monica. it didn't swell up like all my others and it looked a lot better. for about a week i just walked around with a safety pin in my arm. it didn't hurt at all, it didn't bleed, no nothing. so i did another one on my other elbow (which was harder than the first and took much longer because i'm unbelievably unco-ordinated with my left hand) and soon i had a safety pin in both elbows. and the third one came sometime later and i forget when and why i did it. i've been able to stretch them slightly without any pain being experienced. i can put in a large safety pin and in all of them and i can stick in any thing small (including bobby pins, a point of a fork, small beads [they look the coolest], and other miscellaneous items) And to this day ( about 4 days after i did my second elbow) i have 3 safety pins in my elbows. they've healed nicely and i can put other small things into the piercings and i'm getting barbells for them tomorrow and i'll put them in when i get them. but... let me tell you this, my mother was not extremely estatic when she saw me with a safety pin in my arm. in fact, the exact words were "what the hell do you think you're doing poking yourself with sharp objects?!" and then she calmed herself down for some reason. she would rather i asked to get it done and got it done at a professional place, but she's glad that they're not infected. she still shudders when she sees me playing with them... there are mnay people i know who have stretched lobes (to 1"), stretched cartiledge (to 5ga, 6ga), labrets, togue, septum, eyebrow and the list goes on, but i'm the only one that has their elbows pierced. now i have 3 piercings and a tattoo (all self done) and i plan on piercing my tongue web and my wrists tonite. i should be getting some pictures of my elbows and my tattoo soon. i had some pics but they got completely f*cked up somehow so i have take some new ones.

people like to stare, people like to laugh, people like to give me dirty, dirty looks. but most people just ask 'um... why did you do that to yourself?' and the occasional 'there's something in your elbow'. but its ok cos i lived with it before and damn its funny trying to explain my motives for doing this to myself and most people cringe when i say i did it to myself. i found that i can put in a 12ga barbell into my elbows and when a barbell is in them, they look a lot better. if anyone is thinking about surface piercings, DO IT. and remember, you can always pull it out if you don't like it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Dec. 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: self
Studio: bedroom
Location: newmarket%2Contario%2C+canada

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