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my uvula piercing -gag-

ell you the experience from the very beginning. I've always been in search of something different, a piercing or a tattoo or some other form of body modification. I first tried a Madison, after the 3rd rejection I thought it was time to try something different. I found it on the pages of BME. I was parusing sp the unusual piercings (of course) and came across what I thought was the most unusual and daring piercing ... the uvula. I had to have it. I'll break the rest of the story down into 3 parts. 1. Finding a piercer who would do this. I begged my usual piercer to try it. But she kept insisting that this particular piercing was out of her realm and declined. After some more begging I finally took the hint and set out to visit every piercing shop and tattoo studio in central Florida. I found two places in Orlando that would try it, although neither one had actually done one, only seen them in pictures. The first one gave me the outrageous price of $180.00, I decided I'd keep looking for another, cheaper place. I found it at Strong Arm 47. Mike at Strong Arm not only gave me a better price but I also got much better vibes from Mike than at the other place, and Mike had some great ideas about how to conduct the piercing, which I will get into in chapter 2. Mike gave me a price of $100.00 and seemed very excited about doing the piercing. He told me he wanted me to wait for a month to make sure I really want to do it, I guess it's like the hand gun waiting law ... lol. so I waited, and one Saturday night it was on. (that night the moon was full) 2. The night of the piercing. Even though my piercer didn't want to do the piercing, she wanted to be there to support me and watch the procedure, Mike didn't have any problems with that. I got there a little early, Mike and Nicci (my piercer) weren't there yet. It wasn't cold but I always bring a sweatshirt with me when I get pierced, I always get cold afterwards and I found that that is the best way to deal with it. So I was walking around the shop and paceing back and forth outside holding my sweatshirt wondering what the next day would be like as far as eating. I looked up and saw Mike, he had shaved his head and looked considerably different from the last time I saw him. He told me he was going to set up, and I thought great, that'll give Nicci enough time to get there. Nicci arrives bringing with her, Amanda (her girlfriend), Mo (a good friend of hers and mine), and her Mom. I was so grateful for all the support she brought :). So Mike is all set up and he goes outside for one more cigarette to calm his nerves and to talk to me about how it's going to be done. During the month he told me to wait he did some research on the best way to do the piercing was and what he came up with is quite remarkable. The first thing he did was had me put my knees on the seat of the chair and put my chest on the back of the chair. This way I was leaning over with my mouth hanging over the head rest. Mike seated himself below me. In this position, if something were to fall, it would go straight out my mouth and onto the floor or onto Mike's lap, not down the back of my throat. The second thing he showed me was that the needle and the jewelry were one piece, the needle had threads on the inside which the jewelry screwed into ... so there was no jewelry transfer. So the final minutes come and everyone is seated on the floor behind Mike looking up into my mouth. Mike grabs my uvula with the triangle shaped clamps (forgive me for not knowing the name of the clamp). He then holds the needle/jewelry in another clamp, but not a piercing clamp ... it looked like a pair of scissors, only it came together and clicked shut. so while holding my uvula with the piercing clamp he used the other clamp to do the actual piercing. There was no real pain to think of, the concentration I had to have not to gag was enough to make me forget about pain. All I really remember about the pain was that it felt like a rush of warm water going down the back of my throat (this was NOT blood, I did not bleed during the procedure). The worst part was working the needle off of the jewelry, which took some doing. I'm not sure what he was doing, but it felt like he was rocking the needle off. After 5 minutes of that the needle was finally off and a clamp secured the jewelry making sure it would not fall out. My jaw was really sore by this time, but screwing the bead on was actually quite simple. Mike had a special tool that he used that he has employed for a long time. He asked me not to describe it though, so I will respect his wishes. So the bead is on and the whole studio is full of energy and excitement because there was no "glitches" everything went smoothly and Mike did and excellent job. The studio was full of hugs and handshakes. 3. The aftermath. It's now been about 3 weeks since that Saturday night and I'm a little worried. well, I'll start with what happened the night of the piercing. I wanted to show off the new piercing, so afterwards I went to my usual studio to show off to the piercers there and some of the employees. I also met a professional photographer there (he was also at Strong Arm) and he took some pictures of my uvula. those pictures can be seen at http://www.bme.freeq.com/pierce/11-surface/A01120/high/mikesuvula.jpg. Afterwards I went to my old job at a bar that I worked at to show some friends there. I got mixed reactions though most thought it was incredible. My friend (who was the bartender) asked me if he could buy me a drink, I declined but did ask for some apple sauce. I had been worrying about eating for a whole month and I wanted to find out right away what it was going to be like. Eating the apple sauce wasn't that bad, it felt like I had a really bad sore throat, like when I had a strep throat infection the previous year. It also hurt a little to swallow liquid, but not bad enough that I didn't ask for seconds :D. The next day my uvula was swollen, and I had to go to work. At my job I have to talk a lot to customers and I wasn't going to look forward to it. My uvula was resting on the back of my throat and felt very weird, almost gagged me a little because of the tickling sensation. It was still painful to eat, so I took it easy during lunch. I continued to eat semi-soft food during my lunch break. During dinner that night I decided it was time to eat a real meal. I went over to my mom's house, she had whipped up some chicken with glaze sauce and home made bread and stuffing (did I mention I love my Mom)? I found that if I chewed the food a little more and swallowed softly I could eat anything. After a while I could even drink liquids faster ... even gulp it. Earlier I told you I was worried, I have 2 reasons to be worried ... the first is plaque, the white stuff that gets on your teeth, well everything actually. It gets on my tongue piercing, but that is easy to clean, the uvula piercing is not. I thought that I could just brush it off with my tooth brush, but the uvula just bounced around and I could not get a powerful enough stroke to get the plague off, I'm still working on that problem and I'll let you know when I figure it out. The 2nd reason is that the piercing shifted during the healing process. It was pierced straight, but now the right side is a little bit lower and I'm worried that it's not going to stop, but I haven't noticed any more movement, I'm just stuck with a lopsided piercing ... lol, but that's OK, I love it anyway. Aftercare: I rinsed with a very mild solution of sea salt the next morning, and continued to rinse 3 times a day gradually making the solution a little stronger. I carried some diluted listerine with me so I could swish every time anything but water went in my mouth. After a week there was no pain whatsoever, not even swallowing big stuff or swallowing hard. It just felt like a piece of food stuck to the roof of my mouth. Now it's been 3 weeks, almost 4, and I don't even feel that ... sometimes I can feel it when I swallow, but mostly I am unaware of it being there. Now the only thing I do for it is rinse with plax, which is supposed to reduce the amount of plaque in my mouth. I'm still working on a way to clean off the plaque that's on it, but hopefully the plax will work well enough that I won't have to worry about that too much. Well, that's my story. If you have any questions or if I forgot something, E-mail me and ask, I'll be happy to provide you with any more details you want. My e-mail is Mikey9093@aol.com till next time ~~MIkey~~


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Nov. 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Mike
Studio: StrongArm+47
Location: Orlando+Florida

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