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Everyone tells me

ea: A couple of months ago i decided to get both of my eyebrows pierced, but i didn't want to have little rings coming out the side, because in my opinion, that looks horrible. So i decided that i would get my eyebrows pierced right above the center of each eye. It ended up turning out very well. Well, it wasn't long before i was itching to get another piercing. It was hard to decide what to get. I knew that i wanted it to add to the symetrical theme that i already had going on. After some hard consideration, i decided that i wanted a piercing between my eyebrows, so that i had a ball at the inner end of each eyebrow. Can We Do It?: Well, I went to Stigma to see if John could do it. He said he would have to use a surface barbell, and luckily they had one in stock which was exactly the correct length. Aren't i lucky? Anyways, John went on to tell me that the skin between my eyebrows was definitely loose enough to be optimal for piercing, but the piercing was still somewhat experimental, and had a small chance of migration, but i would know if i had to take it out within a month or so. The Decision: Okay, Let's Do It. The Procedure: So into the room we go. John preps me and marks me. After a couple of minutes we get a set of markings that we both agree on. Then come the clamps. Then goes the needle. I thought that it was going to hurt pretty good, but i only felt the needle entering and exiting the skin, so there was a good 3/4 of an inch where i didn't feel shit. I was nearly dissapointed. Now is the first time it occurs to me to ask John how he gets a surface barbell in. For those of you that don't know, a surface barbell is kind of shaped like a football goal. John responds, "Very Carefully." It felt pretty wierd when he was putting the barbell through, but it didn't hurt. John is the best. The Aftercare: Essentially, i take care of it just like i would my eyebrow piercings. Sea salt soaks. Anti-micorbial soap. That whole deal. The barbell is a little bit more difficult to clean debris off of because of it's shape, but i get by pretty well. The Reaction: On average, about 3 times a day people ask me, "Didn't that hurt?," and "How is that pierced?" For some reason, which i can't explain, i get most of my comments and questions in convenience stores. I don't know why, but just about every time i go into a 7-11 or a Circle K, someone says something to me. About once or twice a week i'll get someone telling me "I used to have that pierced," and believe me, i'm pretty quick to respond "No, you didn't." "You used to have a bridge piercing.," i tell them, "I have a surface piercing on my forehead." It's not that i think i'm hella-badass, but i think the piercing deserves respect for what it is. Closing: Anyways, it's been about three weeks and i haven't had any problems with the piercing yet. It looks like i'll be able to keep it in, which i'm very happy about. I guess if i'm trying to say anyone to anything by writing this, it's this: John Durante is the best. Go see him at Stigma in San Diego. He is the nicest person i've ever met, and hella-fucking-hardcore. He is the reason that i want to become a piercer. Although i've moved to Las Vegas since, everytime i go back to San Diego, which is quite often, i make a strong point of going to Stigma and hanging out with John. I've been spending a lot of time trying to decide of the next mod that i will do. I'm pretty sure that i'm going to do some trans-dermal implants. Todd at Stigma would be the one to do those on me. I went there the other day to talk it over with him and see if what i want to do would be possible. He said that it was. I'm not going to say what i plan to do, but if i decide to go through with it, it will be bad ass, and i will definitely write about it for BME. Anyways, that's all about i have to say for now. I have to go in my room, turn the lights way down low, put on some N'SYNC or some BSB and rub one out. Later. Oh yeah.. i should probably give you all a complete list of all of my piercings.. here goes: 2 eyebrow pierecings (middle of each eyebrow - 14 gauge bent barbells surface piercing between eyebrows - 14 gauge surface barbell tongue piercing - 14 gauge barbell labret piercing - 14 gauge ring 2 ear piercing - 00 gauge hollow plugs (7/16's flare) prince albert - 6 gauge ring


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Nov. 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: John+Durante
Studio: Stigma.
Location: San+Diego%2C+California

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