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A Gorgeous Madison

I'll start slow. My names Jax, and I'm from Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada. The art of body piercing is in full swing here so it isn't hard to find a place to do it. Now, I'm only 18 but I've been into body piercing for about two years, though until now I haven't had the freedom to do what I wanted (legal age and such) So, I started with the little things, I got numerous lobe piercings, moved on to cartilage piercings, moved into my ear with the tragus and daith and finally I did my tongue. I really wanted something new, I had just gotten some tattoos and wanted to get something else pierced, I considered my lip and my nipples, but then I saw something that I absolutely fell in love with, a MADISON SURFACE BAR. It's a gorgeous piercing and totally unique. So, I went to make an appointment at this little shop in the city. I had gone to a couple of places here and let me tell you if your ever in Winnipeg and you want a piercing go to "Experience the Beauty", I experimented with a few other shops and this one was far superior over any of them. The people who run it, Sue and Jay, are the friendliest, most professional piercers you'll ever meet. He's truly the best in Manitoba,probably even Canada. So I went in and told them what I wanted. Now I had no idea how the procedure went or how rare it was to do this piercing. So I talked to Jay and he said that the chances of me actually healing this piercing were like 1 in 500, not real good odds. He said he would talk to some other piercers and see what they thought, and to come back in two weeks. So I gave him time to research and I thought about it myself, spending all that money just to scar myself? Not to mention that everyone I told about it told me not to do it. But u only live once, so I decided to get it, if it ends up rejecting and migrating out of my skin, then so be it, at least I tried. I made an appointment for Halloween, went and I was so incredibly nervous that I had stomach pains, not about the pain but about the after math, what if it rejected the next day? I had come to terms that it was going to hurt; I didn't think a lot but defiantly enough, so that part didn't scare me. The hurt I could handle but I didn't want to go through it all for nothing. Alright, not it gets good- the procedure, they sterilized the area and he marked me about 6 times each time wanting it more perfect, and I was glad, each time he also got Sue to check the marks and got me to look in the mirror to see what I thought. Finally, I'm ready and he shows me the instruments, explains how he's going to do it and such, he gets me to lie down and then he decides that if I was ok with sitting up during it, that would be better. He clamped my skin and Sue put her hand on my back to a: keep me from pulling away and b: just for support, whatever the reason, I was glad to have the reassurance. The needle went through and yes it did sting, but just when the pain reached the height, he said that that was the worst and to start breathing normally. I kind of laughed 'cause it was "just relax, u have a 3 inch needle in your neck, but hey, breath normally". After that the tension totally lessened, Jay and Sue started making small jokes and I was super relieved. Jay went to push the jewelry through, and he said this would be the most difficult part, because the area was so fleshy and the transfer always required quite a push. I braced myself, and in went the barbell. It didn't hurt a lot, but I could defiantly feel pressure and tons of it, but as soon as they released the clamp and smoothed the skin it was gone. The first thing Jay did was step back, and this huge smile formed on his face and said, "it looks awesome!!" He asked if I was in any pain and I told him no the area was just really hot, so Sue cooled the area and they made me drink a glass of water and sit there just to make sure I didn't faint. Finally after I convinced them I was not dizzy and feeling fine, they let me get down and look at it. It was pretty red which was understandable, but it stilled looked amazing. He went through after care, and then he got his camera out and took some pictures of my new piercing. We talked after and he said he wanted to monitor the healing process just to make sure it was complication free. So he told me to call in two days, visit in a week and then in another two weeks as well. So now it is two days after I got it done, the aggravation around the piercing is gone, the redness is gone but there is some bruising, which he told me to expect. It is not painful as long as I don't bump it in any way, but turning my neck is a bit sore. The healing is going well, aftercare is a lot though, showering twice a day to clean it. The reactions I got have been mixed. Some people told me it looks repulsive, others say that its totally unique and all round gorgeous! I'm totally in love with it, I hope my body lets me keep it. If your considering getting this done, do it carefully, research your artist and the place, this is really not a piercing for amateurs to do and be aware that the chances of keeping it long term are not good. Other than that, it was by far not my most painful piercings and it truly is a beautiful addition to a neck :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Nov. 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Jay+and+Sue
Studio: Experience+the+Beauty
Location: Winnipeg%2C+Manitoba%2C+Canada.

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