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Madisons and all your applause

n and all your applause by Juliette Yes, yes it's true, I have a Madison. For those of you unformiliar with this type of piercing, please feel free to leave this experience and go the a galleries on this site and do some research. After you've formilierized yourselves with this body adornment, you can come back and truly understand and appreciate the tale of me first surface piercing experience. I should start by introducing myself to you folk, my name is Juliette and I have been on my piercing journey for well over 7 years now. I've been creating my clients body modifications look for some time and take much pride in it but let's face it when it comes to MY look, well, that's very important and special to me. Now I didn't always see getting pierced as a look and experience. When I started adorning myself, I saw it as cool or rebellious,, which is fine, but then I "grew further". I'd gone through the hole historical and ritual background of this art during my first few initial month of apprenticeship and thought I had learned it,, well let me tell you, there is a major difference between learning and "getting it". My realizations occurred during and after my Madison piercing. I'd had quite a few "indorphine addiction" related piercing done in a small amount of time but I don't think I really appreciated them until I obtained my Madison. I started thinking about it after seeing one done on one of the more regular client of the studio. She handled it so well that it made me reevaluate my position towards this piercing. Now I obviously knew the pros and cons of surface piercing but still felt like I could handle it. I figured I'm young, rather stress free and pretty healthy, I can heal one! After much effort, I convinced the owner of the studio to insert a Madison in me. He decided that I would be a teaching exercise to the other piercers whom had never seen or done one. Keep in mind that this is 7 years ago when piercing wasn't all that mainstream. He did all the right measurements, choose the appropriate jewelry for me and then started to stretch out my skin in order to get a nice area to clamp. Yes, the old saying that the clamp hurts more than anything is very true, OUCH. Now it's one thing to get your belly or even your nipple pierced but your neck.... After the clamping, he followed to freeze my neck. Man, I'm so happy that freezing has become such a taboo among respected professionals because let me tell you, that spray was uncomfortable and painful and to be honest, quite unnecessary. Then came the moment I was anticipating. For some reason my normal emotions of fear and reluctance weren't there as expected... I felt comfortable with myself and my decision, I had an emotion of clarity and self determination to go through with what I was doing. All my "social fears" flashed before me and I was at terms with them. As the needle went through my flesh I felt my body releasing stress and anxiety. It felt really great! I was approaching the end of my "ride" when I realized that all that was left was removing the clamps and dealing with the jewelry. Those parts are usually my "down time" any ways so I didn't concern myself with the vibe of those steps. I kept feeling the immense sense of accomplishment. I can only relate it to it being my own personal rights of passage into the piercing culture and communities. Okay, now, that I've opened my emotions bank, let's get back on track. So my piercing is beautiful, a bit off but hey what was I expecting for back then, Well , I'm ready to face the world and all it's social punches. I certainly wasn't ready for my mother's punches but that's another mental abuse story only I and my shrink get into.... hehehe. Until then, I never realized how harsh people can be. I had people feeling ill, people pointing and staring and even some lady grab her child away from me! I was prepared for some type of out casting but this was very much extreme. Over all though I told myself I was going to follow through with every aspect of myself being modified and meant it. This involved societies repercussions as well as all other angles. It took some time but the confidence that arose from me during the piercing slowly became more and more part of my natural mental state. I continued getting pierced but now it was with a more serene mature outlook to creating my bodies "temple". I went through every experience with a sense of personal growth and accomplishment. Through time, I have disciplined myself to only acquire certain "additions" for an actual reason. A millstone one could say to mark an occasion whether it be as frivolous as to experience getting a piercing by my apprentice or even to symbolize a day of reflection. This to some may seem odd or incomprehensive but it works for me and I am whom we're talking about so let's move on. I won't bore you with the unsaid experience of healing my Madison. It was long, painful and rather a chore to heal. My level of determination to heal it was motivated by none other then the sense of rebellion to show up all whom told me healing would be impossible. Well I did heal it., it took me 2 years but I did it! It has been almost 7 years since I've gotten done and it is rather beautiful. I started centering my "style" with piercing around my neck. It literally became my CENTER. The feedback I received was not only negative, god no, that would give me far to many reasons to martyr myself with. Overall the "community" loved it. All were impressed with my termination to get it to heal and stay beautiful. Some of the more memorable "applause" were when someone of the street came up to me and explained that they'd never seen a piercing be such a part of somebody before. She told me that the piercing didn't wear me down, I wore the piercing up. Another memorable experience was when none other then our fierce leader Shannon (BME operator, aka Glidder ) without consent I might add, photographed my neck at the first Toronto Convention god knows how many years ago and I was, to the best of my knowledge, the first Madison on BME way back when. An old piercer friend/mentor, Denise Robinson (interview BME people), told me I was on it, leopard print faux fur jacket and all. Here's hoping it's still up there.... How fun is that one! Well to end all of this, I don't think I have any obvious words of wisdom for those "looking" for their place in the piercing world or even considering a Madison, nor do I think I have the right. I just thought I'd write in about my little love and experiences to do with my center. No, I lied, I do have a few words of wisdom and am taking on the right to voice them. All are different and have different drives in life. It is the truly "real" and "deserving" that can appreciate and respect those in it just for the ride..... Love all you hep cats, keep singing. Juliette piercer to the Stars....Are you ONE. One. A Fine Body Art Studio.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 Oct. 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Location: Ottawa+Canada

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