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You got what pierced??

show people my newest piercing, they usually end up saying something along the lines of " I've never seen that before! You can get that pierced??" But I like the reaction. Usually they say that, but then afterwards they say " that is really cool!" What do I have pierced you may be asking yourself. Well, I will tell you. I have a horizontal surface piercing under my navel. I have only seen it on one person before. That is, before I was introduced to Bmezine.com. So, I was playing with the idea of getting it done myself. I definitely considered it when one of my friends had another friend on her floor at college that had a boyfriend that did body piercing. He has his own studio, but he often brings his materials to the dorm room when he comes to visit her. His name is Enick and you can visit his website at http://www.brother-e.com. It has information and pictures about his piercings, and they even sell cheap jewelry. I talked to him a little bit about piercings and how he uses sterilized tools and needles. I visited his site, and it was very professional. I also talked to his girlfriend, and she helped him out in his studio many times, so she knew that he was professional and a good piercer. So, I asked him about getting under my navel done. He was all for it, but warned me it was going to take a long time to do it cause he has to have the marks perfect. So, a week later I was hanging out on the tenth floor of our building when we decided to go see if Enick was visiting his girlfriend, Mary. He was there. So, they walked down to his car to get his "stuff." I was so excited. I have 11 other piercings including the traditional navel piercing and my nipples, so I knew all about the process I had to go through. I still had a couple of questions, though. Was it going to hurt more than the regular navel piercing? Yes. It also was going to last a little bit longer than the regular navel piercing. Should I have it pierced with a barbell or a ring? Enick said that he wanted it done with a ring at first, then we would move to a barbell. How many have you done? He told me that he has done over 900 navels, and over 30 of the piercing that I was about to get. I felt a little calmer after talking to him, and he was so nice. We talked about my other piercings, and said that I was going to be a pro about the whole procedure. So, he was going to pierce me for my twelth piercing. He set up his things, cleaned me off, and marked me. The first marks were pretty good, but he wasn't satisfied. So, he marked me pleanty of other times to make sure that he and I were going to be happy with the final result. I attracted quite a crowd of people, and my friend Sarah was going to videotape my experience. So, he finally got some marks that he and I both were happy with, and it was time for the needle. So, I layed down on the floor. He clamped me extra tight, and had his girlfriend hold the clamp for him. Sarah was videotaping the whole time. He told me to breath, then to hold it in, and 1, 2, 3, the needle was going in. It lasted a lot longer than my origional naval piercing, and I didn't expect that. It also hurt a little but more. It wasn't that bad, though. I smiled at the camera the whole time. After he got the needle in, he took off the clamp to get the ring. He put in a ring instead of a barbell, and then would put in a barbell two weeks from then. He wanted me to have a ring to heal it. So, he put the ring on, clamped on the ball, and I was done! I had my beautiful new horizontal navel ring. People kept coming into the room to see it, and I still show it to people who appreciate a good piercing. The whole experience was great. Enick was very professional and a great guy. I was very impressed. He gave me his aftercare treatment, and it's working great. I have no infection, and no crusties after a week and a half. There's not really any pain anymore, either. Plus, he gives discounts to college students, which was very helpful for me. I'm a poor college student. So, it was awesome, and I very much love my brand-new horizontal navel piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 Oct. 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Enick
Studio: Brother-E.com
Location: ISU+Campus

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