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Wrist Piercing

a surface bar put in my wrist a couple of weeks ago, and it has been a great experience. However, if anyone desires a surface bar in their wrist, i think they should read this article, because there are a few downsides to it. The first time i went into Ritualistics to talk about getting a surface bar, the staff were very friendly. They introduced themselves, invited me to sit with them, talk about the wrist piercing, and piercings in general. They were very helpful but i still had to sort things out with myself. After deciding that a wrist piercing was definatly part of how i've pictured myself, i went back to get measured for the bar. Due to the curvature and vascularity of my arm, there weren't many places i could get it done, but i decided upton the top of my arm, about an inch and a half back from my wrist. The jewelry had to go from Toronto to Edmonton, so it took a little while. Once my jewlery was in, i went back to Ritualistics for the procedure. The jewelry was $75, and the piercing, i was informed, would cost $50 (the normal rate for a piercing in Edmonton is around 20)... I thought it was a tad steep, but it's a very specialized procedure, and placement is evidently really tricky. I went in and my wrist was cleaned, and marked. Then Aron asked me to put my wrist in different positions, and he marked, and re-marked it, making sure it was perfect, and we went ahead. He was originally going to do it freehand, but, since the bar was rather long, he decided to clamp it. He took his time putting the clamp in the proper position, then pierced my wrist with what i would say was a 12 or 10 gague needle (in order to accomodate for the right-angle in the jewelry, i suppose). The clamp was removed, and then the jewelry was pushed through behind the needle. It was oriented correctly, and the beads were screwed on. It looked great. Oh yeah and the cleanliness was astounding... both with sterilization of instruments, but also the fact that he changed his gloves at least twice. As far as pain goes, it was a lot less painful than i had expected. I have both nipples pierced, a PA, my conch, and a spiral orbital in my ear and i'd say that the only piercing that hurt less was my conch. Not bad at all! Oh and another note about Ritualistiscs. I got my conch pierced elsewhere about a month and a half prior. It was developing a small keloid, and one of the piercers advised that i change the jewelry. So i got some from them for a reasonable price (they even knocked off the GST because i just got the surface bar done) and they put it in for me. Its now about 2 weeks later and the keloid's almost gone! yay. The staff is friendly, professional, clean, and the know thier shit! For the first 6 or 7 days, it looked like a flawless, healed piercing. After that, a good portion of my arm got rather red, but i hot-compressed it a lot and soaked in lavender and red clover, and it went away. I had a little bit of a drainage problem after that, but my 2-soaks-a-day in hot water was doing the trick. I put sea salt in the water every so often, but my stays pretty dry so i don't usally. I find taking care of it to be rather easy. The only trick is not getting it dirty, and NOT BUMPING IT. It is in a rather high-traffic location, but i knew that it would be a pain from the beginning. I don't usually catch it on stuff, and shirt sleeves seem to roll over it fine, i just have to watch out for other people. Either bumping it by accident, grabbing my wrist, or going 'cool, what's that? pokepoke' some people are wierd. I wouldn't go up and poke at someone's new piercing... or any piercing, for that matter. Oh well. Since all you see is two beads, a lot of people wonder how it they stay there. Sometimes i say its a surface bar, and sometimes i say its a circular barbell that encircles the bone, just for shock value. Haha... maybe i'll glue two more beads on the bottome of my wrist so that it seems as though they go all the way through. Don't get me wrong, this piercing is for me, and me only, but i still have a sense of humour. If you are thinking about a surface bar, please realize that you have to sort of baby it. If you're thinking about piercing your wrist with a surface bar (i think normal bars would almost surely migrate), then i'd say please do it for yourself. Yeah, people are gonna notice, but don't get it just to show other people. I'm tired of seeing individuals get piercings in order to show off to others. A piercing is a part of you and i think it should be done for you. Thanks for your time.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Oct. 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Aron
Studio: Ritualistics
Location: Edmonton%2C+AB

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