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Nape With A Surface Barbell

ally, I have never really been a fan of surface piercings. Most of the examples that I've seen in real life, have been irritated, infected, or poorly done. The idea of having a temporary piercing did not appeal to my tastes. However, after hearing the BME Radio interview with Luis Garcia, my opinions began to change. I was impressed when I heard that he strived for permanence with surface piercings. The idea of using surface barbells for the job also intrigued me. So off I went to the BME piercing galleries. Low and behold, there happen to be quite a few of Luis's pieces in there. Thoroughly impressed at this point, I figured Philadelphia wouldn't be too bad of a haul to go get some information on the procedure. I have to admit, I was a bit intimidated by the high-class look, as well as the professional atmosphere within the Infinite studio. However, the most comforting sight happened to be located in the corner of the shop... Centipede, the arcade game; in all of its nostalgic glory. I can't possibly think of a better way to a nerd's heart, then the Atari classic. I was immediately greeted by a friendly gentleman at the counter, who took the time to answer some of the more basic questions I had about both the methods, and aftercare for surface piercing done with the staple-shaped surface barbells. He then told me to have a seat, and informed me that he would let one of the experienced piercers know that I was inquiring about such a routine. Still a bit edgy, I took a seat next to the Centipede machine, with hopes of relaxing a bit. As soon as Luis finished up with the two young ladies before me, he casually greeted me, and asked how he could help. I explained to him that I had seen his work on BME, and received many positive referrals to Infinite Body Piercing. We then discussed the procedure involved, healing times, and correct aftercare for a nape piercing. Luis explained that all of their jewelry was of the highest quality, and the barbells were internally threaded. He produced a 10 gauge, staple-shaped barbell from the plethora of jewelry behind the counter, and explained the advantages of surface barbells in contrast to monofilament, straight barbells, and curved barbells. Apparently, there's a greater chance of the piercing migrating outward when pierced with standard barbells. He also explained the difficulties that some people, including him, have had with the nylon (monofilament) jewelry. After his room was setup for the labor ahead, he invited me in. I took some time to look around the room, and investigate the equipment, and general cleanliness. The place was spotless, and the equipment looked brand new. I would compare the facilities at Infinite with that of a hospital, very professional. He directed me towards this high-tech looking doctor's chair. I was then asked to lie face down so that he could carefully measure, and map out the proper location for the piercing. Luis shared his own personal experience pertaining to his nape piercing with me. He explained the troubles with abscesses and how it's a bit difficult for the dead cells and discharge from within the piercing to escape due to the shape of the jewelry. He informed me that sea-salt soaks can help draw out any unwanted matter, and that I should perform them at least once a day. It was comforting to see that he had no problems carrying conversation while we measured, and set the forceps in place. The pain of the needle was minimal, no worse than any other piercing. The barbell went in so smooth, that I didn't even feel discomfort. Luis took some time to place pressure on my neck, so as to slow any bleeding that had occurred. We removed the blue marker lines from the back of my neck, and discussed the lengthy healing process ahead. I was given a fanfold that covered aftercare for all piercings. He welcomed me to call with any questions or problems concerning the piercing, shook my hand, and off I went. In general, I was much more satisfied with both the service and the appearance of Infinite Body Piercing when compared to any of the other shops I had ever set foot in. They are friendly, they explain both the "good" and the "bad" sides to the piercing in question, and they seem like they'll be supportive if any complications develop. Unfortunately, I can't say that much for any of the other shops that I have visited in the Philadelphia area. For those of you worried about the initial pain of the needle, I promise you that it is no worse than an eyebrow or lip. Currently, I am three days into the healing process, and it feels no worse than a couple small bruises on my neck. Additionally, the aftercare seemed like it was going to be a real bitch, yet it has been nothing close to a bother at this point.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Oct. 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Luis+Garcia
Studio: Infinite+Body+Piercing
Location: Philadelphia%2C+Pennsylvania+USA

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