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My beautiful nape piercing

een into body modification since I was about 11 years old and I saw my first eyebrow piercing at the mall. I've always been fascinated with them and I think they're absolutely beautiful on the human body. I discovered surface piercings and never thought I would be able to do them. It was about a year ago when I saw my first nape piercing. This guy had 5 nape piercings (could've been more going down his back but he was wearing a shirt) and I was shocked. I thought they were absolutely wonderful looking! So I decided that eventually I would get my nape pierced. Well time went by and acquired a total of 13 piercings (all good experiences) so I decided that I should go ahead and get the nape of my neck pierced. The only problem I had was there weren't any piercing studios around me that I could go to and get this procedure done. After exerting quite a gap of time into trying to find a studio that had done it before, I gave it. The nearest one was in Albany, NY which is a while away so I decided just to get a friend to do it. My friend Joe is 23 and he's been piercing since he was 18. He had done anti-eyebrow's, back piercings and chest piercings so we both decided that he was probably prepared for piercing my nape. I asked him if he wanted me to pay him for it but he said that he didn't want any money since it was a learning experience for him and I was letting him practice on my body :) My next step was to buy the materials. I contacts several piercing studios by phone and e-mail to find out details about the materials I would need and the initial procedure (I like to be well prepared:). Once I found out, all I had to do was go on-line and find my materials. I purchased a clamp, needle, surface barbell (one inch long), and the rest of the materials. I purchased all these from a very well respected shop on-line to ensure they would be sterile. About two weeks later my supplies arrived in the mail and I was ready to be graced with a barbell in my neck. However, my friend Joe was out of town going to some convention for the studio he works for so I had to wait an extra week before he could do it.

Finally, he came back and I let him know the news about my supplies and he agreed that we would do it on his next day off which was in 3 days. The day came and I went over to his apartment. He decided the best way to do it would be to have me lay down. I was quite nervous, this was my first piercing that wasn't be professionally done in a studio. He calmed me down and relaxed me quite a bit by letting me know that at the convention he went to, he spoke with people there who had done surface piercings and they describe the entire procedure to him and one even let him watch a nape piercing being done. First we decided on a place to make the piercing. Using a mirror I was able to tell him where I wanted it. I decided to get it done right in the middle so I could hide it with turtle necks at work but still have it high enough so the tags on my clothing wouldn't get caught. Joe made 3 lines, 2 vertically showing where the needle would enter/exit and one connecting the two. He put the clamp on my neck, he had a little trouble getting the skin pulled up enough but finally managed to do it. He then told me to breathe in and out through my nose and on the count of three he would do it. 1... I was starting to get nervous... 2... I was starting to get REALLY nervous :)... and 3...it was done with. When the needle first went in it pinched a bit and hurt a tiny bit when it came out the other side but all in all it really wasn't that bad... I was suprised :) He inserted the jewelry in, put the balls on each end and I was all done. Joe cleaned up the area while I laid there enjoying my endorphine rush and about 2 minutes later, I got up. It didn't really hurt except when I moved my head from side to side or up and down I could feel a tugging but other than that it was all good. It's been 3 days since I had it done and so far so good. I've been using anti-bacterial soap when I take a shower and I'm avoiding using shampoo's with harsh chemicals in them. I use a sea salt mixture on it once a day and bactine 3 times a day. I keep bandaids over the balls right now just so my hair won't get in the opening and cause an infection. It didn't affect the way I slept at all because I was sleep on my side and the tugging was so minimum that I barely even noticed it. It has been sore but nothing I can't deal with. Ear cartilages hurt more than this :) All in all this was a GREAT piercing and I'm very happy I got up the courage to get it done. I wish I had professionally gotten it done because I prefer going to a studio and all that, I'm not big on self-piercings or piercings at home. Either way, I love it :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Oct. 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: A+friend
Studio: My+friend%27s+apartment
Location: New+York

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