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Sternum (cleavage) surface

pictures of sternum piercings, as they are not often seen in person, I fell in love with them. They were absolutely gorgeous, sitting between the breasts two shining silver balls connected underneath the skin with a bar. I knew that this piercing was for me, its amazingly beautiful. Though, my opinion of it is not often shared in society! I thought about it for months off and on, debating getting a surface piercing or not. I would be devastated if it rejected, but then I could just go through the experience again (unfortunately, the healing part isn't always as fun as getting it pierced!). I knew that it did have a high success rate, so I researched it as best as I could, and finally, talked to my piercer, Lee, who is great! She told me, on Thursday, to come back Saturday since she needed a surface bar for it. I said I was considering the piercing, she said "yay!" and told the people at the shop she was piercing my cleavage that Saturday. Great! She wanted to do it, a lot! So, I waited for Saturday to come anticipating my beautiful piericng-to-be. I looked at more pictures, and read more experiences, but found very little information on it. I had asked Lee what she would be using jewellry wise, and she told me that a surface bar would be made for me. On Saturday my boyfriend and I went to get my sternum piercing. It was an exciting time, my first surface piercing ever! However, I was a slight bit on edge due to messed up sleeping patterns (at the time I worked full time midnight shifts and had the day off, but had to be at work for midnight after). At about 10:30 I said to Lee "Want to do my sternum now?" and she gasped.. "I didn't get the bar made." Darn! Oh well, there was always tomorrow, but then Dan walked in the door. "I need a surface bar!" she said. Dan asked what I wanted in size, gauge, and so on, I told him "Go nuts!" and he went and made me a great looking bar. Yay! Lee put it in the ultrasonic for a little while, and pierced a tongue. Then Lee took me to the back to measure, mark and make sure that I didn't need to take my bra off, before Dan would come in to assist. I took off my shirt and sat in the (hot) piercing room, which I was so familiar with, in my bra while Lee pinched, poked and prodded at my chest. Finally, she measured it and marked it, perfectly aligned. We looked at the marking (I'm sure my boyfriend was looking at the purple dots on my chest too!) and approved it. She called Dan back, after apologising to me for hurting me, since my skin had turned bright red from the pinching, and he made a few goofy comments and everyone was laughing up until Lee pierced me. Lee explained she would be using a larger gauge needle (12ga) to pierce me with, so the tissue would settle better, and not be so tight. I okay'd it, I have complete confidence in Lee's abilities (the first vertical earlobe piercing she did was on me, and almost perfectly matches the one that Dan did days before!) and she's a great person as well as a great piercer. Both her and Dan (and Lisa, who did three of my bellybutton piercings and my septum) are great! Dan surveyed the marking, and told me to lay down on the table. But that changed, because it leans against the wall, and they needed to be on each side of me. So I got up and moved to the dentist chair, sat down, and made myself as comftorable as one can be in that thing. Ugh! Oh no, we ran into a bitch of a hitch. The piercing itself is very long, I'm not exactly sure how long, but its fairly long. But we couldn't use clamps on me. So guess who got to hold onto my chest? Dan. After a few joking comments (Mind if I, uh, grab your chest? You should at least take her out to dinner first!) I was completly at ease, and relaxed. Strange, since I was almost topless in a room with my piercer, a married man and my boyfriend, preparing to get my cleavage pierced! Lee asked if I was ready, I said yes, and Dan said yes. "Wait! I need my needle drivers!" Gaa!!! Her and Dan debated the needle drivers, "I hate those." "Well I love them. And I'm piercing her." "Those are awful needle drivers!" "They're my favourites!" After their arguement was settled Dan told me "This is really going to hurt!" and I said "Thanks Dan!" and he said "No, my pinching your skin. Thats got to hurt by now." "Nope." "Guess I'm not trying hard enough.." Lee prepared the needle in the needle drivers and said "Well this will make the piercing a bit faster.. Hate to tell you this, but its a really slow piercing. You poor thing, look what I put you through." I reminded Lee that she wasn't FORCING me to get my sternum pierced. Finally, "Are you ready? Take a deep breath in, deep breath out.." I tensed up slightly and prepared myself for the sharp pain I was expecting (I thought it would feel like a navel piercing, a sharp pain and then nothing). I felt a prick on the surface, and then some warmth, a bit of pain, and Lee apologized to me a few times during the piercing, which took about 60 seconds. This was a great piercing for me because I was completly relaxed and as comftorable as you could be in that chair. Until the last 2 pushes, when I flinched a slight bit, for the first time ever (d'oh!) We all yay'd when the needle was completly through, and Lee apologized a few times for hurting me (since I had flinched). Both her and Dan asked how it felt. I told them that it wasn't that bad, just the last two pushes shocked me.. Lee said she was expecting that.. "Why didn't you tell me so I could prepare!" (I think she wanted to see me flinch as much as everyone else did!) She threaded the jewellry through (another reason she used a 12ga needle: if she lost connection with the needle she wouldn't need to taper or re-pierce, hopefully), screwed on the balls, and wiped the drops of blood after cursing me for never bleeding and apologizing for hurting me. I reminded her that I was paying her, with my hard earned money, to hurt me. I looked at my sternum piercing. I was ectastic! It was gorgeous! And it didn't hurt at all now. Dan took a picture since Lee can't figure out the camera (:-Þ to Lee if you're reading this) I joked about it being kiddy porn. I put my shirt (a tank top, you could just see the top ball) on and Lee asked if it felt tight, etc.. I said "Nope, I don't notice it there!" and we yay'd again. We left the piercing room, since it was so damn hot, I paid Lee, and she showed everyone that was in the place, and everyone that walked in the door my sternum. She later told me it was her first "real" one. Yay!! It was very nice for the first week and a half. All I did was soak it in Lavender Oil (dilluted a drop in a cup of water) for the first two weeks and then started using a drop of Dial soap, and then applying (dilluted) Lavender to it. Its always worked for me. After the first week and a half, though, it got very red around each hole a lot like my navel piercings (all 4) did. It was very sore to sleep with the first night (or day, since I work midnight shifts). Everytime I moved it would tug on it and hurt. A lot. So I started to sleep in a bra, and after about a month the redness faded to very light pink. Hurray! Lee got her boyfriend Mike (ex piercer, he's a tattoo artist, and a very good one, now) to make me a new surface bar, since the inital one was very long (the bar fit perfectly, but the sides stuck out too far.. It is shaped like this: __/) She took out my old surface bar, and then told me that the piercing hadn't migrated or rejected at all. Yay! She had Mike pinch my skin as she ran a taper through (apologizing, after saying "This is going to hurt a lot..") and then tried to get the barbell through. She changed her mind, and ran it through the other way, and after a couple of tries and minimal pinching, my new surface bar was inserted! She apologized for hurting me (again!!!) and I told her that she didn't.. The piercing was slightly sore and redder the next day, but the new jewellry sits perfectly, and doesn't get caught on things as much as the old bar did. I love my sternum piercing. I've had it for a month and a half now. It is appearing healed, and is absolutely gorgeous. It has this aesthetic appeal, that just shouts out to me. Some people have told me its downright ugly, that its stupid, pointless, and so on, but I think its gorgeous. Its my sternum piercing, and I'm very glad that I got it done. If it ever rejects, I plan to get it redone again. It is a vast improvement to my chest (it actually makes it look good!) and the two sparking balls (it was done vertically, since I forgot to mention it early) shining just add a nice touch. I cannot describe what this piercing does for me. I love to look at it. It makes me feel amazingly better about myself when I look into the mirror and see it. I'll be sending in a picture soon. I am amazed at how well it healed. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for no migration or rejection (so far it hasn't moved at all), but I am expecting some. If you have any questions, want a pic, or just want to chat email me at [email protected], or contact me via ICQ: #30124481


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Oct. 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Lee
Studio: Artistic+Impressions
Location: N+Falls%2C+ON

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