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Gotta Hand It To Ya!

It had taken me months to work up to the idea of having my eyebrow pierced. I knew I really wanted the piercing - I'd look in the mirror and imagine what it would look like - but as much as I wanted it doing, I'm absolutely terrified of needles. I have panic attacks at the doctors about them, I'm that bad. Not knowing that much about piercing, I went to the local studio, signed their form and had it done. Looking back, I think that the fact I didn't really feel comfortable there should have put me off - it felt unfriendly and didn't really seem clean - but at the time I was happy enough. Thing is, now that I'd had my eyebrow done, and survived, I couldn't help thinking about how I wanted more piercing doing. Everywhere I looked people had pierced eyebrows. Not that I minded - its nice that its more common, I suppose, but I wanted something different - I wanted something a little more unusual.

Surfing around the Net looking for suggestions, I came across the BME site, and in there I found the section on hand-web piercing. To say I fell in love with the idea was putting it mildly. Just the thought of it seemed right - but I knew I wasn't going to go back to the place I'd had my first piercing. I needed to find somewhere that would make me feel comfortable about having it done - I figured that having my hand done might actually, you know, hurt. And there was the whole needle thing again... I found the Perforations web-site quite by accident, but was terribly impressed by the wealth of information that was there. I rang up to find out if they would pierce my hand, and they talked me through the procedure - and then they told me that they would numb the whole area first (if I wanted!!). I was down there like a shot. The studio was friendly, with a definite welcoming vibe to the place. Becuase I'd come on a Saturday, which is their "no appointment" day, I had a bit of a wait, but it didn't seem like long at all before I was taken down into their spotlessly clean studio. The whole proceedure was explained again, my hand was numbed (I seriously couldn't feel anything at all), and then my hand was pierced. Its the strangest feeling - I could feel the needle pushing through my hand but there was no pain, and a surprisingly little amount of blood. A BCR was fixed through it, a little bandage put on, and I was all set to go back into the outside world. It wasn't till I attempted to pay that I realised just how much I use my forefinger and thumb on my left hand. And that was just the start of it. I had to avoid getting it wet, knocking it, moving the webbing area too much - its a difficult piercing to live with while it heals - especially if you're a computer programmer like me! Of course, the numbing spray wore off, and the throbbing in my hand made me feel quite dizzy. Although the BCR was only 1.6, it seemed to feel huge, and it seemed like the slightest movement of my hand hurt. But despite that, I was still over the moon - I'd just hand my hand pierced! It took a long time to heal properly, too, but once it had it was like I'd had it forever. People had told me that it would be almost impossible to live with, but to be honest, I'd found my eyebrow piercing to be more of an annoyance - I was forever catching that on my clothes when I put them on or took them off. I never did see anyone else with a pierced hand. Other people who spotted it would often ask me about it - I could never decide whether they were repulsed or fascinated. Strangely, some of the more repulsed reactions came from people with pierced eyebrows - it was more people with less "cosmetic" piercings who seemed genuinely interested.

And then...I had to take my beloved hand piercing out. Just for 48 hours, but of course, it healed up enough to make reinserting my BCR an impossibility. I couldn't believe how quickly it had started to close - I still don't know whether that was just me - if maybe I heal quickly - or if handweb piercings do close rapidly. I was also surprised by how much I missed my piercing. It had really becoime part of me - in the same way that at first my hand had looked alien with the BCR, now it just looked, and felt, wrong. I was actuely aware that it was missing - and now all I have left is a little scar - at least until next week, when I'm off to go have it pierced again! And this time, I'm not taking it out for anyone!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Sept. 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: don%27t+know
Studio: Perforations
Location: Brighton%2C+UK

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