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A couple months ago a new tattoo/piercing studio had just opened up, so me and a friend went to check it out. The piercer there was a chick, and she had a couple piercings that i could see. When she turned around I seen that she had her neck pierced. I fell in love with it and was asking her all sorts of questions about it. That was the first time I had ever seen such sort, and i thought it was unique and different. So that was about 2 months ago and I got a couple piercings over the summer, but never got around to getting my nape done. Besides im really broke, so i just wait until i get money for my piercings. So about 3 weeks ago i got a hand full of cash. A friend and i went into yet another tattoo/piercing studio and were just looking at the jewellery, and started talking to the piercer. We ended up making an appointment for the following saturday so i could get my nape and she was getting her arm. So the week went by with no thought of my future piercing, no reading up on ito anything. I actually didnt even think i was going to get it, until that saturday, which was the day that my appointment was. Well i kept on thiking about it, and never really actually thought i was going to get it. I got up that day and remembered about the appointment, i called my friend who was getting her arm pierced and we we're all syked out about what we were going to do. Well mother drove me to her house and we were on our journey to the studio. We seen a couple friends, and they drove and came with us to the place. Well when we arrived, the pierced wasnt even there, so then i got a little less nervous, more time until pain i thought. But then he had to walk in the door. So I signed the sheets paid up front, and he was ready....so i walked into the room. He wiped up my neck, mark it umteen times finding the right spot, centering and crap for the needle. Then he got an approval from another guy and i jumped up on a portable table thing like at the doctors and layed on my stomache. At this point i was kind of nervous, but Im not a wimp, once i get myself into something theres no getting out. I was laying on my stomach with my head resting on my arms. I was in the worst postition for a piercing cuz my head wasnt stable, but i managed to keep it pretty still. Then he placed the clamp on my neck which i barely felt, no massive pinching like other piercings i had which invovled a clamp that hurt like a bitch. Then came the words "are ya ready", and i was like "ok" then in went the needle and out went the needle and out pourd the BlOooD!! It gushed blood all down the front of my shirt and on the backof it. It grossed my friend out for sure, but over all it didnt hurt as i expected it to. I figured alot of pain but overall there was no after pain later that day or that night sleeping. Killer piercing to get, im getting another one, as a matter of fact my madison. But the only thing i dont like about this piercing is that i cant see it or play with it!! Any whoo after the piercing I sat down, and then he cleaned all the blood off my neck and what not. I felt fine, i was a trooper. I looked at my new piercing from angle to angle and i loved it. After all the cleaning was done i had a smoke and felt even better. I was given an aftercare sheet, read it a couple times. I couldnt believe that i said on the sheet that it takes 1-3 years to heal, but ill have patience with this. I was just excited to get out of there so i could show people and get asked "why" billions of times. I love that kind of attention, and thats exactly what i got. That day when i got home, I avoided me mother, and the next day as well. I waited until we were in a public place until i would show her. So the next day we went to the mall and I got my sister to tell her and i showed her. Shes getting a weee bit mad with me, she thinks that im getting a little carried away with my piercings.........but its the things mothers dont know that wont hurt them!!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Sept. 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: dave
Studio: way+cool
Location: niagara+falls+ontario

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