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My beautiful Madison 2; the end is nigh!

utiful Madison part 2. Well, it's been three months, and my Madison is well and truly growing out. I reckon it'll only be a few more days now. I don't regret having it at all, as it's been no trouble. It only hurt for a few days, once when I had a cold, and the piercing didn't like that at all. At that time, I had trouble moving my neck, as it was very sore, though it never became visibly irritated. It also only ever bled once, in the whole three months, and then only a very little. I only noticed the blood when I came to clean it. I guess I had knocked it accidentally. That happened a couple of times, like when I paniced about an insect and involuntarily swatted at my neck trying to scare the insect away, and I accidentally caught the piercing.

Other than that though, plain sailing. I kept it very clean, washing it with the antiseptic solution three times a day, and I kept it good and dry. I didn't have to do anything else for it, but I have been in low necked T shirts for three months now! I have to warn people getting one ,though, that they do get red. When mine first became red, I feared infection, and went to the studio for advice (it was my first piercing, and I had no idea what a beginning infection would look like), and they told me that this redness is norrmal, and is the result of the skin behind the piercing healing itself and pushing against the jewllery, which in turn pushes on the front of the tunnel and makes it red. It doesn't hurt at all, but it makes people think it does, leading to the belief that you are either incredibly brave, or simply mad! The reaction from people has been cool, ranging from admiration of it to revulsion (I like that - it's funny how squeamish people can be). I am going to get a nice neat scar. It's kinda red at the moment, and it feels funny for the first time, as it's so unbalanced now I can feel it vibrate when I talk, but I am not expecting it to last the week, so.....well, I guess I am not going to be bothered by it's oddness for long. MetalMorphosis, the studio where I got it done, advised me on it's end last weekend. They told me that having it taken out at that point would reduce the scarring, but that I didn't have to, and the growing out process would finish naturally. They told me I would probably wake up one morning and find it on my pillow. I was very relieved to hear this. I had gone in there with my friend (who'd had her nipples done at the same time) because she needed some cleaning stuff, and I felt I ought to ask for advice, just to check it was all fine. But I had been dreading them saying that it had to be removed, because I have got very attached to it, and I didn't feel ready to say goodbye that day. So I was relieved to know I could let it happen by itself. Now, a week on, I am more ready, because I can see that it's inevitable now. I read one post here about how the beauty of a surface piercing is in it's disintergration. Well, I kinda agree now. I still feel that it's very beautiful, and I am beginning to feel protective towards the baby scar! I have been surprisingly emotional about it. The moment when I noticed that I could see the bar through the front of the tunnel for the first time, (though the skin had been noticably thin and papery for a few days) and that one end of the piercing was pretty well gone, I was in Scotland at the Edinburgh Festival, and far from home. I think that made the shock a bit worse, and that night I really just hoped, as I went to bed, that it would actually heal over again and that it would all be ok. But it only took a few days to realise that what was happened was the definate beginning of the end, and now I am OK about it, and just want to see the process through. I have had to take warm baths to clear away the worst of the gunk over the last few days, because the end has been a bit gungey, but it looks like the piercing is going to remain clean and painless to the bitter end, so it's no bother. I really hoped it would last longer, but it's not going to, so there you go. Let nature take it's course. I might well get my madison repierced when the scarring has settled down, if I can. I haven't decided yet, but I did love the way it looked (it's not at it's attractive best now! ^^). I might also get my eyebrow done, as I like the experience of piercing, and now I know how attached you get to them, I would like to get one I know will definately last. There are still positive aspects to losing it though (I tell myself); wearing my neck jewellery again, my collars, and I not having to tape my anhk to my chest at night to stop the cord catching! :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 Sept. 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: argh%21+still+don%27t+know+his+name%21
Studio: Metal+Morphosis
Location: London

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