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Nape Piercing - Is it in yet?

been wanting a new piercing for quite some time and i had a very strong urge to get another one, which is what happens to me after the thrill of the previous piercing wears off. I have to get a new piercing fairly regularly to indulge myself. I find the novely of a piercing wears off after a while. I still love the ones i have, but i need to feel the piercing again and the excitement of having a new body adornment to play with. But there was just one problem, I couldn't decide what to get. I had wanted a lip piercing and also a labret but with work i couldn't really have any totally visible piercings, hmm what to get? A while ago i had tried to have a surface piercing on my stomach done as i planned to have a line of three down my stomach to meet with my navel, but the piercer was not extremely experienced and was unable to grab the skin with the clamps, and so i left the studio thoroughly disappointed, and still hanging out to be pierced. I had been browsing the mags and web sites (especially BME) for ideas and i had been sweet on nape piercings for a while so i decided that was the one for me. Having already recieved a tongue piercing, navel, various ear piercings, stetchings and a few other body piercings, which also went through without a problem and didn't bother me too much at all, so i wasn't worried. I had most of my piercings done at the same piercing shop in the city and so i decided once more to go there as they are very clean and know exactly what they are doing. So i set off one morning full of energy and a little guilty to be going through with it, but only a little. Because my parents don't understand why i like to be pierced and keep on gettin new ones, i was not expecting a good response to this when i returned home. But i was old enough to make up my own mind what i would do to my body in the search for pleasure and i kept on with my chosen course. I arrived at the shop and i explained what i wanted, and asked if the piercer had performed this before. He said he had done it a couple of times but at the moment i would probably one of the very few people in the city with a nape piercing if not the only one, because they grow out pretty quickly. I thought that was cool, but i wanted to keep it alot longer than a few weeks. He asked if i was sure i wanted it and i said of course i do. So he went off and got the jewelry and cleaned it and so on, while i postitioned myself lying face down on the table. He came back and proceded to pierce me. The needle entered my skin and pushed it's way through slowly to the otherside where it's eye rested for a few seconds until the jewelry was placed. I was expecting to feel a little pain, but i only felt a slight tingle and hardly even noticed. He announced it was finished and i got up to look, the piercer asked if i wanted to stay seated for a while but i said no, and he seemed surprised that i was not even effected by the piercing. I was very happy for the rest of the day and i proceeded outside into the city to show the rest of the town my new piercing, it was great. Needless to say my parents didn't like the new piercing, but after a while they now accept my interests and my mum even tells me about exhibits on piercings or stuff she's seen. I kept my piercing for about a month before it grew out and i had no problems with infection. I took care of it with Hydrogen Peroxide given to me by the piercer, which i thought did the job pretty well. I have shoulder length curly hair and i had a few problems in the shower with my hair getting caught around the barbell which was quite painful when i accidently yanked it loose, but other than that everything was sweet. I got mixed responsed from my friends on the piercing. Some loved it others couldn't understand my motivations, but in the end it made me happy to have it and that is all that matters. I would definately get a nape piercing again, but perhaps next time i will get it done alot deeper so it stays in a bit longer. I think this is a great piercing to have and i totally recommend it to anyone.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 Aug. 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Owner+of+the+shop
Studio: Essential+Beauty
Location: Adelaide+in+the+city+centre

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