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A Fun Idea, A Stupid Way

ince I was little, I've wanted to get piercings. But, growing up with parents who thought even ear piercing on a guy was a sign of homosexuality, I could never get it done. Then, once on my 13th birthday, I convinced my mom to let my ear pierced. By then I had already had it done by friends, but my dad practically ripped it out each time. By then, I had a girlfriend, so they didn't much think it meant anything. I finally had it done, and it was great. Now, 9 years later, I've gotten my 5th piercing. Since I was 13, I've gone out and gotten my tongue pierced, my lip, and a cartilage piercing in my ear. When Ii got my cartilage done, it was by a friend (who, by the way, was afterwards banned from my house, yet still remain my best friend today).I went out and got my tongue and lip pierced when I was 18, and now I've done my 5th. This time, I did it myself, which was easy, and cheaper, not to mention painless. One day I had out a box of play piercing needles, and found a spot on my wrist that I could stick the needle into, and felt no pain. Then I had my "bright" idea... I would pierce my wrist. So I went out and bought myself a 20 Ga. barbell, and managed to coax a friend at a piercing parlor to sell me an insertion taper. When I got home, I pushed the needle straight down into my skin, then turned it sideways and pushed it under my skin till I could see the tip about to come through. There was a slight po when the needle broke the top layer of skin, but surprisingly, no blood or pain. I took a pair of wire clippers, and clipped off the tip of the needle, then put the tip of the insertion taper against the flat spot. Carefully, I pulled out the needle, following behind it with that taper, until I had inserted the barbell completely. I threaded on the other bead, and I was fine. So many people marveled at what I had done. I loved my new piercing, and since I liked having people notice it, I went out and bought some green beads to put on the ends. Not until later did I realize that they were glow in the dark! I was walking down the street at night when suddenly I saw something green flash in the corner of my eye. I spun around in a complete circle, looking for signs of little green men with their probes. I went to check my watch, forgetting I had switched it to my right hand so it wouldn't cover the piercing. And, of course, I brought my hand up and saw my wrist glowing. I had scared myself with a pair of beads for a barbell! So now I go out all the time at night, and to parties with dark rooms, to show off my glowing piercing. It's been about a month and a half since I pierced my wrist, and all seems to be going well. It might be healed enough to change, but I'm not going to, yet. It stopped swelling after the second week, and stopped being red by the third. I've had no infections, no bleeding, and only sometimes minor pain when it was bumped (which was often, as my friends LOVE to hit my arm to get my attention). If I have to dress formally, all I have to do is replace the glow beads with my old stainless steal ones, and put my watch over it. It's completely unnoticeable. And as for my piercing-hating parents, they've come to accept it, and my dad's friends have said they want to get something like it on their arms (mostly to go along with sailor tattoos, of course). I always thought I would regret piercings, but I don't, and I'm glad I have them done. You probably have some questions. Instead of e-mailing me right away, see if this can answer them: Does writ piercing hurt? -No! I did it slowly, too! Should I do it myself like you? -Once again... NO! I did it myself because I had proper tools and because I'm a complete dumbass. Go out and find a respectable piercer that has a nice, sterile-as-hell room. DON'T let your friend do it, unless he is that piercer! Is there any place I shouldn't get my wrist pierced? -Yes, of course! I did it high up on my wrist, and almost risked puncturing a vein on the top of my arm. Luckily, I have thick wrists and enough skin on top to have it done safely. I suggest having it done about 1 inch under the joint of your wrist ( that little knob-like bone that sticks out). And only do it on the bottom if your piercer is an EXPERT! What gauge barbell should I start with for my wrist piercing? - I suggest 20 gauge, since it's thiner and doesn't tend to leave a ridge where the barbell goes under. But it's your choice. I don't suggest anything lower than 8 gauge, because most of the time you'll have to have that scalpelled, and THAT hurts.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Aug. 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Myself
Studio: The+Bathroom
Location: Pennsylania

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