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My madison experience

k for about the past two years I have been interested in the art of body modeification. I had done a few piercings, brandings, ect on myself but those are other storys :) The first time I saw a madison piercing was on a web page (can't remember the url) and I remember just getting awed by it. I had never seen a madison piercing before and it was very exciting. The piercing looked very elegant and I was really wanting to get it done. I am lucky enough to have very cool parents who said that they were behind me about 90% ;) because they didnt want to say no or anything and have me go out and get it done in some rat hole or have me do it on myself. So my mom reluctantly agreed to sign the form since they required you to have a signature if your under 18 for any surface piercing. Ill skip to the interesting part now :) When I was in the back of the shop it was a very exciting moment. I was so eager to get it done but the piercer was a perfectionist ( thank god :) ) He spent about half an hour marking the spot! He would put a marking on my neck, step back, eyeball it, get his buddy to eyeball it, then go back for more. He kept on saying "ok, only one more time here" then he would do it for another 5 until he said it again :) I was very happy tho! I can imagine how silly a crooked madison would look :) When he was finally done marking he had me sit down and began to tell me how he was going to do it. I knew from the start that it could be very painful but it never bothered me. I have a very high pain tollerance and pain has never really detered me. After all, pain is only in your mind. I know that the madison was not actually bad for me so the pain was just an imaginary thing. The piercer had me take one or two deep breaths and on my second one he told me he was going to go in. I could feel him enter my neck with the first thrust, and surprise! No pain! I could feel a very tight stretching and kinda a uncomfortable feel but no pain! Then on my third breath he pushed the rest of the needle through. His buddy told me that we should just leave it as it was then. I can just imagine, walking around with a huge fucking needle going through me neck :) The piercer then slowly began to pull it out and as he did he slipped the jewlery in after (12g ring). He let me look at it in the mirror. There was no blood at all and the piercing was looking very red but I loved it on sight! My aftercare was two showeres a day using dial soap. I had to lather up and kinda slap it on the piercing and then run it through my neck to get the soap inside. I would then to hot compresses after to speed up the healing. I have had it for about 10 weeks now and it shows no sign of rejecting so I think im pretty much homefree! yaay! I think he did a very good job on it considering he had only done about 30 in total. There are not many people that get things like that done in Calgary as I have noticed. Anyway, I think that to anybody out there who wants to get it done I would highly suggest it. Depending on your pain tollerance you could ride it through with ease or it could be very very painful. But dont let the pain bother you. It is a very beautiful piercing and you wont regret it! :) One thing to keep in mind is that after you have it done you are going to get a lot of reactions and weird looks. I have had people become almost outright hostile because of the fact I have a hole through my neck. Its my body so these people have no right to say the stuff they do about it but it can still get annoying. I have gotten many good remarks tho. Some people will just walk up to me and ask if it hurts and why I got it done and they will say that they think it is very cool. If your into having people stare at you this will get the job done :) For anybody who is interested, The healing time for it is about 14 weeks and they suggest you dont take it out for a year. It can be very sore for a day or two after you get it done but that goes away fast and soon you will be able to do almost anything with it and not have it hurt so dont worry :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Aug. 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Mike
Studio: To+the+Point
Location: Calgary

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