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Bored at work-new braclet

ee, i know those of you out there who work in a shop have those days when it seems no one is coming in and when they finally do they only want the usual work done, tonges, navels, ears just the basics. it gets a little boring. So Shawn and I were sitting aroung talking the usual mess and eating our favirote meal of Pacos Tacos, he hooks us up!!!! oh Shawn and I are piercers and NAked Al's Tatto in bakersfield, CA. Shawn has been piercing for over 20 years and hes the one who kinda got me started. i was doing it for a while outside from home or whatever, but i always went in and watched him a well as got work done from him. and eventually i got sick of that stupid "garage" crap and i finally convinced Shawn to apprectice me, thanks again Shawn. The reason i chose him to instruct me is i have been all up and down the west coast and some east coast and i always make a point to stop at the shops around, find the good ones and watch the piercier for a while. Just to watch their tech, steriliztion and procedures, and very important aftercare. By far shawn had it in his heart for piercing he loved it, it was his art. and i knew he would teach me to do it as great as i loved it. The aprenticeship was the usuall, me wanting to do more than i was ready for and having to trust Shawn with telling me how i was doing and also haveing the person you respect so much looking over your shoulder and watching everything your doing!! THAT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still dont feel i am trully finished as he has styles tht i would still like to pick up on certain piercings, you know either learn on my own by trial and error, or watch someone great, not a hard choice. Well back to us at the shop....all of a sudden Shawn asked if i wanted a new piercing and i knew right away what he was up to, as we both had been researching varius surface piercings. The city where we are isn't to keen on the non-trad piercing and the adorned look so its not to often we get to do the really interesting work. usually to people we know and who know whats really going on. during our reasearch we had already stocked up on some light blue monofillamentat about a 12g., it ws actually really cool looking, come to find out it was black light receptive as well. so i knew it was time.
First step was deciding on the where, he was leaning for a full necklace, but i was more keen on just a braclet. and sence it was my body i won out on that one. next we went about and marked the 5 different piercing it would take to complete the full braclet, about 1-5/8" under and over the skin. we had already talked about where on the wrist, right above the bone protrusion to prevent much movement on the piecings, helping to prevent migration and also so it wouldn't be hit with my gloves while i was piercing. but it could be cover with a bandage while healing to help prevent and crossing of bodily fluids. well all the prepping was done and i sat in our lovely chair wondering how my night off ended up with me in the seat ready to put a braclet IN my wrist. We proceded, and what do you know just as we were getting ready to start a large group of mostly preppy females under 23 decided to come in and stay to watch. the procedure was actually fun. we forcepped the skin tightly and used a high powered hologen light to shine through the spot to be pierced to make sure not to hit anything that shouldn't be. i was quite surprised there was little pain for me but i do think the adrenaline was pupming pretty good. but oh how it hurt most of the girls in the shop as they were either screaming, moaning, or just plain grossed out, not to mention what my girlfriend was going through, she still tripps out on Shawn and i when we get bored. again the pain was minimal, every step was precalculated, from how and where to mark, how the needle was to go through, then "threading" the monofiliment through the needle and then removing the needle, then repeating it 5x, to all the aftercare for it. i myself had no problems, but you should of seen tho looks i got from people, and they call me weird i dont think so.
i did end up taking it out a while after, i'm still not sure why, but i do have a cool set of scars around my wrist. when people ask i tell em its where they sewed my hand back on. people actally believe it????? i have dot scars not a line, but oh well...........................hmmmmm writing this makes me kinda want to do it agian.....................i wonder how busy were going to be this friday?? L.J.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 July 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Shawn+C.
Studio: Naked+Als+Tattoo
Location: Bakersfield%2C+CA

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