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Madison - A tedious Jofyul time

auty is nothing. But the beginning of terror, which we are still just able to endure, and we are so awed by, it because it serenely disdains to annihilate us. (Friedrich Nieztsche) That is exactly what happened, when I decided to get my Madison pierced, despite knowing that, it would probally reject, and cause problems. It was beautiful.. See, I had, unsually good luck with piercings, I had healed a Handweb/2 Bridges/2 Frenums/2 eyebrows/Medusa/Labret/Cartlidge/Tongue/1 nipple. Out of all theese piercings, I only had to take 1 out, which was my left nipple. It refused to heal, and I took it out about 3 months later, with it leaving a small mass of scar tissue. That was until, my madison...

I had always loved the look of madison's, a more exotic piercing, only matched by the handweb (I adore them). I decided, I had to take the chance of it rejecting, and get one...

THE PIERCING: One day, I was driving my by piercers, and I stopped by. They checked my hand, always impressed with how it has healed. So, I took the chance, siezed the moment, and asked them about a "madison". My piercers advised me, that it would probally reject, leave a huge scar across my neck, and all the other horrible things. I would shake my head, and agree, saying I understood the chances I was taking. In reality, I didn't understand, I was just clouded with my little desire. So, after about a 15 mintue discussion on jewlery, we decided on a circular barbell, for cleaning purposes, and firguring it wouldn't stay anyways. I went back into the piercing room, watched them sterlize everything, as I do time and time again. I noticed something I had never noticed before, the place smelled like a hospital, so clean. Maybe I was just trying to distract myself, for the pain I expected. I laid down on the leather chair, that kind a dentist uses, and my neck was marked. Soon, the clamps was on, and I took a deep breath, I am not sure when the needle went thru, as I didn't feel it. I expected this immense pain, but I didn't feel anything! Alittle blood, trinkled down my chest, and I smiled, paid my piercer the money and went home... AFTERCARE: I was so happy, about my madison. I would clean it with dial soap, rotate it, move it, do anything I could to keep it clean. I would avoid long neck shirts (I love turtle necks), and try not to irrate the piercing. If only it was that simple, it would ozze , stay red and irrated, and be midly painful. It was slowly pushing itself out of my skin, extremely slowly. Within a month, I had developed a love/hate relationship with my madison. I would debate daily "take it out"/ "leave it in"? Leave it in, always won. I couldn't bare to take it out, I remembered the depression I felt, when I removed my nipple ring. One day, something changed. I'm not sure what, maybe I was just tired of looking at myself in the mirror, with this HUGE red spot. I calmly, without thinking twice, unscrewed the ball, and slid it out of the hole. For the first time ever, nothing ozzed out, nothing hurt. I looked at my neck, and realized I was going to have a nice massive piece of scar tissue , that raised out of the skin. I simply accepted it, and went on. The next day I awaken, and just like I had imagined, the hole was completely closed, and my neck wasn't as red. Its been about 4 days now, and its about to normal color, but the tissue is raised out of the skin, so I wear my mark. It is nothing horrid, it is just a simple way of reminding myself, of the madison. ADVICE: I can't say, that I regret it. It was certainly eventful, and a tiresome process. But, I done something I had always wanted, and that was have a madison. If not only for a brief, and tedious time. I still had the madison. Would I do it again? I am not sure, maybe, but only if I could try do pierce it and put Teflon for the jewlery. That is still up for debate, but isn't out of the range of possible future projects:) Do I recommend the piercing? Not, if you do what I done, and get clouded with your desire. But, if your certain that you are ready for it, and don't mind any possible scars, then go for it. Just be aware, not all things that are beautiful will work out. P.S; Please don't send me a free membership, just get well Shannon


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 03 July 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Eddie
Studio: Eddie%27s+Lost+planetFor+beauty+is+nothing.
Location: Pulskia+County%2CKy

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